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How is everyone? Does 2ww get harder or easier

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I'm having a real high-wire 2ww. For a while it seemed to be getting easier, I didn't get as ramped up. I could detach a little and say "Well this will take a while" Now I'm just as jumpy as I was the first couple of months when I thought I was definitely preggo.

I also just wanted to hear how everyone else is doing.
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Hi Gonnabeamom! I am doing okay. Just waiting to O and hoping this is our month...I think the 2ww is getting harder for me too. Just like you I eased off for awhile but as I approach the one year mark I am getting antsy again.

I also just found out my sil is pg. and due in May. I am happy for her but very upset at the same time. We don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues related to pregnancy, birth and medical care. ( she had a forceps delivery and her son has been on a lot of meds already, he is 2) She won't even consider natural healthcare and as I am a wholistic, children's chiropractor it drives me nuts that she won't let me adjust him! She also just came off some serious meds that she was warned she should not get pregnant while taking.

Anyway, that is my sob story for today. Sorry about venting on your thread.

Hope you are doing well and gonna be a mom very soon!

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hey Cheryl,

Vent Please, rant if necessary. It makes me feel less crazy.

I've been through a milder version of what you are going through with friends who are basically mainstream, and wanting to help them with ear infections or other problems. I've had enough health problems that I'm the local rolodex for alternative practionners, but it's hard to make a suggestion to anyone about therir kids.

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i was just thinking about this topic this month. recently pre-o has been way more stressful than the 2ww. i guess because trying to time bding with dh who is rarely home and who insists on having a two day rest inbetween "sessions" is so difficult. i'm so glad when i finally o and just have to wait it out.

when i was first ttcing this was NOT the case. i was pregnancy symptom queen.

cheryl, i know how you feel. i also have a SIL as well as several friends who pop them out like it's nothing, only to hand them off to babysitters, daycares, or nannies when they are still wee ones.

i just figure my time will come when it comes. and if it doesn't come then maybe something else is in store for me that i would never have expected but will treasure in a different way.

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Hi Gonnabeamom

For me it goes in waves of harder then easier. At first the 2ww was kind of fun but in the spring/summer I really wanted to get pregnant and it just wasn't happening. I spent two weeks hopeful that we would catch an egg and then as soon as I knew we didn't I would get so depressed. Also felt very angry with my body. Now we are doing a bit of travelling so I am telling myself that although I would love to get pregnant if I don't in the next little while it is okay because it would make travelling more challanging. So at the moment my vote would be it is easier...
But I have almost hit the one year mark and that will be really hard
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Easier. I'm practically oblivious now.

The first month the IUD came out I had all sorts of symptoms and what looked like a triphasic pattern and a late period and a faint pink line that turned into no pink line and a period the next day. I was sure I was pregnant practically from O-day and it was a real bad let down...and I'm not even sure what happened, if I was pregnant or not.

I wanted to experience every moment of pregnancy that I possibly could, and didn't want to miss the first 2 weeks. But keeping such close watch on myself, only to not even know exactly how it ended, was harder on me than maybe missing the first 2 weeks.

I am still charting, but often forget to check cervical fluid, use my little microscope, and I'm much better at doing wait and see. We are good at BD on a regular and frequent basis, so what would I do differently if I followed all that? Not much. I don't do 2WW discussion boards; I don't dwell on it much even though I do rub in progesterone cream now. But I do test as soon as Fertility Friend says it's time. At first I thought this would stop the wondering but then I decided I'm not sure their O-day is always right on, and last month I found myself considering not testing and just waiting.
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Definitely thought I was preggo.

Started bleeding this morning. Feeling totally crazy for thinking I was preggo. Wish I could stop myself from hoping. Even now I think it was a rational response, but I don't know how to get through the waiting, how to stop counting days, and checking for symptoms. Even now I'm trying to guess when the next time I O will be.

How do you get through it?
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Sunday I was unuaually emotional and teary. Dh thinks I'm pregnant. He says he is Mr. Macho Sperm and I am a fertility goddess. I corrected him: I'm the futility goddess. Laughter is the best medicine.
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I am trying to forget about dates, trying not to think about it. It is harder then one might think because it occupies your mind more often then you would like. THis month I didn't write down when af started, didn't even look at the date and am doing everything I can to keep my mind from wandering there. It is so hard but I am determined to do my best to not think about pre-o or after-o. It helps me to stay away from the ttc board, although I do check in here every so often, esp since will be a year in November that we started ttc.

I wish I had great tips for taking your mind off it all, but I can send you a and let you know there are others going through this too.
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Thanks for the hug. Monday was the pits, yesterday was fine, today is the pits again. Time to muddle through.


I hope he's right.
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