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That's IT!! THEY'RE ON MY LIST!!!! - Page 2

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It's in the kindling box as I speak !!
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Originally posted by Frankly Speaking
Or are their readers mostly red necks?
Proud redneck Okie mama to an intact son!

Also pointing out that intactness is 'country when country wasn't cool' :LOL

totally get your real point, btw, just bein a smart-aleck
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What a stupid magazine! (Not like we didnt know that already) LOL But you know what, it wasnt THAT long ago that I was in high school (my hubby either, we are 23)....and no one ever got completely naked while getting ready for PE. NEVER, its not like the days when my parents were forced to take showers. Even if they were the case thats no reason to mutilate your child FOR NO REASON.

(In this area 50% is intact)
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Am I a Redneck?

I grew up in a small town

Dad had a farm (But it was 12 miles away)

Dad tried to learn how to raise cattle. (But never did)

Part of my childhood was on a dirt road. (but now I have curbs and sidewalks.)

I own a pick-up truck. (and 3 sports cars)

I like Willie Nelson and a few other country singers.

I never had to get a friend to come over and help me take the wheels off of my new home.

I don't call in sick to go coon hunting.

I don't chew or dip.

I've never owned a bass boat.

I know a "Bubba."

I don't know, am I a redneck?

Question: What do you get if you play a country music record backwards?

You get your girlfriend/boyfriend back, you get your dog back, you get mobile home back etc. :LOL

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It's not surprising though. In that very same issue, they also gave information about surgical correction for childrens' protruding ears. "Not only is it possible to pin back ears, but they can also be reshaped, reduced in size, or made more symmetrical."

The more civilized we become, the less human we are.


PS Hey! That's pretty good! Maybe that'll be my signature line from now on.
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I guess since this was a readers poll, we shouldn't be surprised at the quality of the responses, considering the quality of the magazine. I'm so sad for the children of those parents, who believe themselves to be well-informed because they read bum-wipe such as Parents Mag.
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I'm thinking of surgical "correction" for these protrubences I have on my chest to be re-shaped, and made more symmetrical. (Please, not smaller, lol.)

Yes, Tiffany. That sounds like an excellent siggie line.

And, Yes, Frank . . . I do believe You Qualify. :LOL
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I got a response from the magazine. I wrote a similar email to Gitti's. Here's what they said:

Thanks very much for taking the time to write in with your
perspective on circumcision. We appreciate the feedback, which I'll share with our editors. The polling was not meant to be objective reporting but a compilation of results of various reader opinion polls we had run at Parents.com. I'm sorry we disappointed you but it's helpful that you wrote in to let us know why! Food for thought for future coverage and we too were surprised by some of the responses.

Please keep in touch whenever another article piques your interest (or indignation). Have a healthy, happy fall!

Best regards,
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Well...at least they weren't snotty and you actually got a reply, albeit a lukewarm one. The buggers...
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Originally posted by Nemmer
Food for thought for future coverage and we too were surprised by some of the responses.

Promising! Maybe it will turn into something positive!

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We can certainly hope!
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I'm in a REALLY pi$$y mood right now and thought you might like to see this:

To Whom it may Concern:

I recently read in your magazine (at a doctor's office because that was the only thing NOT already taken...I would never subscribe to your lousy rag) that 80% of the expectant mothers you polled would circumcise their sons. You must specially choose these "poll-ees" as the national average is 58% and the WHO recommends AGAINST this foolish procedure.

This makes me wonder about the typical reader of Parents' Magazine.

It also only backs up my disregarding anything I read in your publication. I think you should change the name to Shills-for-the-Doctors-who-want-to-Charge-for-Unnecessary-Surgery Magazine.

Sincerely and venomously yours,
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WOW! maybe you sould change you name to Lady Cobra!

I have heard of a great many who have written about this "poll!"

The 58.8% number was for the year 1999 and the newest numbers are out for 2001 and it shows a 3.7% drop to 55.1%. Extrapolating those numbers to come up with the percentage for 2004, only 49.6% of boys will be circumcised. This will get rid of a lot of excuses like "The Locker Room" and "everybody else does" and "it's normal." I know that it seems like this is happening very slowly but you must realize, it took 70 years to get to the point that more than 50% of boys were being circumcised and another 40 years for it to get to 92% and only 11 years to go back down to less than 50%. that's incredible progress. Once it goes below about 45% nationally, the decline will accelerate and within another 10 years it will be very rare for a boy to be circumcised. It will be difficult to find a doctor to do the procedure.

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Originally posted by Lisa_Lynn
So perhaps on the same "they will be teased" theory parents shouldn't buy their children eyeglasses if they need them? Or braces? And should make sure that every single piece of clothing their child has is the latest and greatest?

So, I should have my son circumsized, so there is nothing to 'tease' him about? makes a lot of sense... : The old 'locker room' reason was one of my family's pro-circ arguments. I told them that if they don't tease him about his penis they'll tease him about something else, and whatever happens he needs to learn how to deal with teasing anyway, so it will become a lesson for me to help him learn.
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