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washing with hemp products

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I am a bit lost on the dos and don'ts of washing with hemp. I recently purchased some hemp doublers and a heineys hemp. I think I read somewhere to wash them 4 times before washing with other diapers to prevent repelling? Is that accurate? When is it ok to wash hemp with other diapers (if ever)?

(My other diapers are mostly PFs and some AIOs if it makes a difference.)
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The concern is that hemp has natural oils that might get onto your other dipes (mainly things with fleece I think) and make them repel. After about 4 prewashes on hot with about a tablespoon of detergent, I put my new hemp dipes into the regular diaper wash and haven't had any troubles. They can be washed with other products, just as long as the oils have been stripped from them initially.
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They can also be boiled for 15-20 minutes for the oils instead.. I do this since I don't seem to buy enough new at once to wash them by themselves. Then, just wash them with everything else.
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