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Honestly, there is no way I can pump more at night. I stay up until about 11pm to pump and then I usually wake up around 3am to pump. My daughter usually wakes between 5:30 and 6am. I'm already running on very little sleep and it's hard for me to function most days.
I love the Symphony and after buying larger flanges, it's a lot more comfortable. My insurance approved this pump and I seem to be getting a decent amount with this.
I held the boys for the first time this weekend. I didn't kangaroo them because they're still on the ventilators but the nurses have started to suggest they'll be ready for it soon.
I've been bringing my pump parts with me so I can pump in the nursing room in the nicu. I get a lot while I'm there.
I've been keeping track of how much milk I'm getting and I'm getting 28-35oz. per day (lately it's been much closer to 35oz.)
I'm feeling much better about how much I'm pumping. My biggest worry, looking ahead, is getting them to latch.
I would hold my surviving twin and pump right there in the NICU. Got gobs of milk while doing so. I love that Symphony. It should be mandatory for all insurance companies to provide that pump to preemie mamas. I would do nutrititional milk boosting. I have a bunch of recipes if you PM me with your email I will send them. I strongly suggest fighting the bottle feeding. I demanded that baby got only naso-gastric or breast (sometimes with SNS, sometimes just breast). Took baby home on naso-gastric tube and breast (insisted they teach me to insert so we could get home). After just three days at home and able to settle to our own relaxed schedule I never had to use the tube or SNS again. I am convinced that if I had gone tube to bottle to breast she would never have been exclusively breast fed. Even being a 31 week 2 and 1/2 lb preemie, she never got a bottle in her life. She went from tube to breast to sippy cup.