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baby sleeping face down

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Hi all,

Our 8 month old daughter starts off the night in her crib, and we bring her into our bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night. For awhile now, she's been flipping onto her tummy in her crib and sleeping that way. I've gotten over my fear of SIDS with tummy sleeping, since she's over 6 months and can flip herself back over. But over the last week or so, she has gotten into the habit of burying her face into the mattress while she sleeps. She no longer turns her head to one side - now she literally has her nose buried into the mattress. My husband and I have tried to gently turn her head to the side when we see her do this, and she always wakes up. And then she does it again the next time.

I'm worried about her breathing in her own carbon dioxide.
Has anyone else's baby done this? She never does this in bed with us, only in the crib. Any thoughts?
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Eh, my 4 month old does this too. I can't figure out why...I don't sweat it though. She's big enough/strong enough to turn her self around, so I figure she will if she needs some air. Whenever I try to turn her head she wakes up MAD anyway, so I just leave her be.
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My 5-month-old does this, too. She sleeps on our bed (for both naps & bedtime)...she starts out on her back or side, but I always find her face down. For some reason, I think she finds it comforting. Maybe it's similar to when I'm nursing her & she's smothered by my big breast?
I think at that age, and esp. at 8 months, their internal mechanism for breathing is well-developed (sorry I don't know the exact term for this), so when they're getting too much carbon dioxide, their brain alerts them to move their head & breathe.
When I find my daughter sleeping on her face, I gently move her over to her back but she just flips back over again.
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My 1 year old does this too. Makes me glad he's in my bed, because I can keep an eye on him.
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Thanks for the responses. It's reassuring to know she's not the only baby doing this! I'd never seen a baby do that before. She's a healthy baby and it does seem like she should have the instinct to turn her head if she can't breathe, but it's still unnerving to see her little nose buried into the mattress. At least it's an organic mattress and organic sheets so she's not breathing in chemicals!
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