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Another "great" flu article!

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Ok, here we go again. Texas is absolutely great in exploiting the good old scare tactics!


How do you like this part:


There had been some concern among health officials that the flu spreading through Houston is a new strain, Fujian, isolated earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand. The strain is not among the varieties of flu included in this year's supply of flu vaccine because it arose after manufacturing began.

Houston health officials collected 15 specimens early this flu season for testing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The results indicate that five are the Fujian variant, said Dr. Paul Glezen, a pediatrician and head epidemiologist at Baylor's Influenza Research Center. The other 10 strains are the Panama variant, which is covered by this year's vaccine.

Yet, the vaccine should still afford some protection even against the Fujian strain, Glezen said, and is highly recommended.


I also love the comparison with 1918, that should really help for me to understand the dangers!

Oh, the logic of it all

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Grinding up the propaganda machine, Bleah! Makes you wonder if Herr Gobbels is still working.
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