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Frontline Tonight

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On Frontline tonight will be story about the Lackawanna Six (remember them) - the 6 Arab Americans who were accused of being a sleeper cell in the US. While they are guilty of lying to the FBI about being at OBL's camp - apparently they thought they were were on a religious trip - it turns out the US may have made a mistake about their guilt and the possiblity of them being a sleeper cell.

We discussed this at the time of their arrest. I'll try to find the thread.
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I am crazy about Lowell Bergman the producer of this story. He was on Charlie Rose last night talking about it.
I hope the baseball game is over by the time it starts...(dh watchng the game)

by the way, did you hear tim robbins two nights ago on charlie rose.
he and susan sarandon got so hosed by this administration for daring to suggest it might be wrong to be at war in iraq. pretty interesting.
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Did anyone watch? It was pretty interesting. It seems that although the FBI watched these guys for while and knew that they had lied about being at OBL camp in Afghanistan - there is very little/no evidence that they actually were a terrorist cell. That once the White House was notified about the large Arab populkation in Lackawanna, the Pres. and co. took a personal interest to arrest someone.

That the ringleader (who was not arrested) was killed by the US in that car attack in Yemen and he probably was a threat but since the US killed him no one will ever really know.

The amazing part is that these guys will probably be out in less then 10 years - which lead one person to ask is if they were a truly terrorists why would the US allow such a lenient sentence? The White House had these guys declared enemy combatants (under the Patriot Act) to avoid having to disclose any info.

There is an article in the NYTimes about it as well.
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Thanks for the heads up!

i hadn't checked out what was on yet.......
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