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lumpy yoghurt

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I just made my first batch of yoghurt yesterday and am eating it this morning (as I type). It tastes good but turned out kind of lumpy... a little like cottage cheese.

Here's what I did:
-Used whole milk (pasteurized and homogenized)
-Heated it up on the stove to 180 degrees and then let cool to 110, I stirred occasionally (maybe not often enough?)
-Mixed in 1/2 cup good quality commercial yoghurt (I had accidentally bought nonfat but used it anyway)
-Poured it all into a glass bread pan and put in the toaster oven on 150 for approximately 10 hours. At one point (about hour 8) I spooned some out to check the consistency and then I drained off some of the whey.
-Put it all in a mason jar and stuck in the fridge.
-Got it out this morning and am enjoying my lumpy yoghurt.

I'll still eat it but don't want to feed it to DS or DP so I don't turn them off to homemade yoghurt.

Please LMK what you think went wrong and if I can still use this batch as the starter for the next one?

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I think yogurt is best left undisturbed otherwise it can seperate into curds and whey. I leave mine for 12 hours or so in its warm spot then gently transfer into the fridge and leave for a further 24 hours undisturbed. That gives a fairly thick, smooth yogurt. I am also far to idle to heat the milk. I just mix cold milk with some yogurt left from the last batch and let it do its thing. Works for me!
Your yogurt should be fine - it is just seperated slightly. I would use it and not worry as long as it smells and tastes good. Should be fine as a starter as well - all the bugs will still be there. Just don't mess with it until you are ready to eat with it next time!

Hope that helps.
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I always seem to get lumpy yogurt, but I make mine with raw milk.. I just use a wisk and whisk it for a few seconds, and it gets creamy again!
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Thanks! I'll try again as soon as I get through this batch.
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Er... you were incubating it at 150? That's too warm. Yogurt culture does best between 108-112. It can survive at higher temps, but not thrive; I would think that 150 would kill it off, though.
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Oh. Good info... thanks.
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