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i really reccomend the moby wrap! if u got one u wouldnt need a sling! go to their website and check them out! mobywrap.com
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I'm not bothering to buy a stroller because setting up a display of strollers when I worked at Target, seeing people fight with them on the bus, and dealing with other people's strollers in the aisles at the library has given me a dislike of all strollers except the umbrella ones and jogging ones. When Aka_chan has enough head control to go jogging with my dh, we'll look into the latter, and I can see getting the former at some point.

But it'd going to take some outstanding "life will be a billion times easier" moment for me to ever think of getting one of those huge, clunky, awkward, "travel systems." I am open to the slight possibility that it could happen, however.
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I also use both.

The stroller is really useful when we go places where I won't have a cart so I have somewhere to store our diaper bag (and coats/hats/etc in the winter)

For HOT HOT days (Iowa) I will put her in the stroller if we go on a walk. Otherwise I typically wear her.

But the stroller is useful. I would just get a lightweight/cheap one.
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Did I already post on this thread? I'm too lazy to check! Anyway, I have an umbrella stroller and I like it. We had a "travel system" when DS was smaller, and it was useful for some purposes but cumbersome. We gave it away. If we have another baby I'll probably get a Snap 'n' Go or whatever those are called, to use at the times when we used to use the other stroller but it will be lighter and more manageable.

ETA: I wouldn't necessarily get a cheap stroller. Lightweight yes, but if you think you might use it a fair amount, a nicer one would be probably more comfortable to sit in. Also sturdier for when you use it to carry groceries.
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Hi there,

I had a travel system and I really liked it. DS was born in March and it's really cold here until about June so I used it. I didn't have it the first month and I felt really liberated once I got it.

Reasons why I felt I needed it:
It was so cold, I liked that he was bundled in the warm car seat.
DS was a really cranky baby, and IF he slept, we were NOT waking him.
He was heavy and I had a hard time carrying the seat alone.
(11lbs at birth, 22 at 4 months)
I had the slings and used them, but I was a new mom and had a hard time putting them on in the car and again, it was really cold out.
Plus if I was at the mall, I was trying on nursing bras and couldn't wear him at the time.
Before I got the stroller to go with the carseat, I basically put the seat in the cart at the mall. This worked really well for groceries, and not so well for the mall.

Reasons why I might not use one again:
I hated how huge the stroller was that went with the carseat - bohemouth!
I stopped using it once I got my Ergo carrier - and once he really liked a carrier.
I only used it 4 months, before A: DS outgrew the infant seat and B: the stroller that came with it was no good for a smaller child without the carseat, and not comfortable now for a big boy on his own either.
Once summer came, I preferred to carry him without the seat - might have had something to do with how heavy the dang thing was!

To sum it up, I LOVED the stroller system for 4 months that seemed like an eternity at the time, I felt free to go to my LLL meetings and to the mall and to get out of the house with my son in a way that I didn't before I bought the thing.

Hated the stroller afterwards and have had 4 other strollers before finding the RIGHT stroller that I adore. Next time I will buy a baby bucket carseat that fits my new stroller, but if I had a summer baby I might not bother.

Plus, by then I am sure it will be more convenient to carry baby #2 in a sling and push my big boy in the stroller!

BTW - my dream stroller is the City Mini by Baby Jogger! LOVE IT! But it took a couple of crappy strollers before I even knew really what I wanted and needed in a stroller.
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My DS loves his stroller. LOVES it. If we are going for a long walk and pull it out he gets all excited, runs over to it, and tries to climb on. He likes to be worn sometimes, but now that he is walking all over the place there are times he has zero tolerance for it. Maybe he feels he has a better view of what's going on if he's in the stroller? Not sure... When he's willing to be worn we use the Ergo.
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We don't own a stroller. Most everything is in walking distance and I use the sling or wrap. We have a studio apartment so finding a place in the house to put a stroller would be a pain.

Also we started off with a convertible carseat instead of an infant bucket one, so a stroller/travel system wasn't needed.

I like the system we have. I probably won't get a stroller unless, as we have more children, the need arises.
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I have a 3 yo and a 10 wk old
I'd like to bw more but have a bad back from a car accident
i use strollers about 40% of the time.
i live in the suburbs and walk the neighborhood alot. it is an old neighborhood, so the sidewalks suck.

i have a cheapo umbrella stroller - never use it
a zooper swing (pricier, larger umbrella stroller) loved for ds1 - this is a great stroller
a snap n go (fits the snug ride carseat) used for both - this is the one I use most now good for when ds is asleep.
a 20 yr old, 3rd hand, (still in great shape) single baby jogger good for walking the dog on grass

and my dream stroller the bob revolution duallie great for the mall, farmers market, zoo and walking the dog on grass. this accepts one snug ride and one toddler, but it is HUGE. we call it the beast of burden.

i also have a bjorn - dh likes this one for walking the dog
a moby wrap i like this for quick in and out when it is not too hot. I use this so the carseat dosent take up space in the cart
and a otsbh (padded ring sling) I didnt like it with ds1, but it is proving useful for ds2

looking into getting an unpadded ring sling for nursing and possible a mei tai so I can wear him on my back

they all have their plusses and minuses and I use/ed all of them for different applications. I almost always carry a carrier of some type in the basket of the stroller.
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I have a great stroller and lots of different carriers. What you need depends on your lifestyle. With my 2nd child we lived in a city w/ a car and didn't need a carseat. This time around I have just used a convertible car seat and not a bucket and it hasn't been a problem. We live in a sub-urban town (w/o the urban place ) and have to drive many places. When we arrive I put him in the carrier or stroller depending on the situation.
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no stroller here. we gave away the one we had when our first turned 2yrs, and haven't had one since. don't miss it either, honestly.
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