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Poo Poo head... go away...

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My 3.5 year old has taken to saying Poo Poo head all the time (which he got from his older brother). I've asked him not to say it, he's gotten into trouble... and than there's dh who calls it right back to him and they have a huge 'poo poo head' fight...

The problem is, the inconsisitency, and the fact that I have a daycare and the other kids are picking it up (which is the reason why i don't want him saying it). Last night we were at my mother's for supper and at the table ds started calling me a poo poo head and I said no.. I don't like it. Well he just said it more and more, and being 38 weeks pregnant I and literally stuck at the table I couldn't take him inside to talk to him. Than my mother got up, took ds and said 'I do not like to hear poo poo head at my table', which of course than he started to cry and came to me. Not 2 min later he went to dh and called him a pph and dh called it right back to him. WELL... my mother just let him have it telling him how wrong that is...

So what to do?????????

He also like to tell everyone to go away That i find very embarrassing....
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If it were me i'd just stop reacting. He is doing it to see your reaction. Take him to properly examine a big heap of poo (horse is good for scale, dog smells worse) so he can see EXACTLY what he's talking about, then if he uses the term disengage from him. "I don't let people call me rude names" or "i can't hear you when you're rude" and then walk away/ignore him. He has learned it is offensive, he can get a neat reaction which varies from person to person. He can monopolise the situation with it. Involve him in the conversation BEFORE he resorts to pph-ing everyone to get a word in?

I would have let grandma's response stand, i'd have said "well, Grandma doesn't like to hear it and we're at HER table today, when you're rude people get offended" and not really sympathised much.

TBH it might be a losing battle - if DH thinks it's a cool thing to say then how is DS ever going to think different?
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Originally Posted by spirit4ever View Post
He also like to tell everyone to go away That i find very embarrassing....
DS does this. I usually try to suggest a more specific phrasing for his feelings... "you don't like what I'm saying, but I'm not going away," "if you feel embarrassed you can go play by yourself for a while," or "you want me to leave because you know I won't like what you're doing-- you need to ..." [put that back, clean that up, whatever he's doing].
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It's stupid and poo poo head, usually in combination, in our house. My DD got it from her best friend who has been in trouble at school and home for using "potty words" we have never had this problem and had no "rules" regarding name calling. We mostly ignore it, although if she keeps going I will say something like, "We don't call people names. It is not nice. Please stop." It usually happens when DD is frustrated with ME because she feels that I am not being responsive enough, like if her little brother is getting into things and I am not intervening quickly enough. The biggest way to stop it in my house seems to be prevention, if I don't let things escalate, she doesn't call names. But it is frustrating. Good luck! Everything is SO much harder when you are so preggo as well.
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My 3 1/2 y/o got this "poo poo" crap from her 5 1/2 y/o cousin. She says everything is poop, "thats poo poo dinner" "Your poo poo mommy" etc. It drives me nuts!!! I tell her that that is inappropriate and I don't like that. That doesn't seem to work at all, and she knows it makes Dh and I mad so she does it more. She also knows that I can't stand some of the behaviors that her cousin has so she loves to imitate him. :

Like someone suggested I think I will have to go and find a huge pile of poop and let her see what she is talking about.
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