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Natural treatment for yeast infection during pregnancy

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So I am 20 weeks and I have a yeast infection that is getting worse by the hour! I actually woke up from the itching and burning this morning. I don't want to call my OB yet b/c she will not recommend anything natural. So what do you suggest? I just read about plain yogurt being applied...
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That's exactly what I was gonna suggest! My holistic practitioner suggested covering a tampon w/yogurt and sticking up there-guess the tampon keeps it more in there and not gooing out so much...? I didn't end up needing to do it. You can also take pro-biotics orally-get it from both ends! Cut back on or cut out wheat, dairy and sugar as all those contribute to yeast overgrowth.
Good Luck!
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I had a problem with yeast infections for my last pregnancy, and I found that pure tea tree oil worked very well--if I remember correctly I just put a few drops (like maybe 4 or 5) on a tampon and inserted it. It felt pretty tingly but was quite soothing.

However one time I got a really, really bad infection that the TTO didn't seem to be strong enough for, and I ended up having to get Canesten from the drug store, which did work very quickly and well although I felt crummy about using it.
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I didn't need this, but a couple of my girlfriends put yogurt directly in a tampon case (without the actual tampon) and inserted the whole thing. Get the all natural stuff.
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I use a garlic clove as a suppository. Peel the paper off and insert it. Change after 3-8 hours. YOu should have some relief after the first clove. Probably 3 days to cure. You can put a thread through the clove for retrieval if you want to. I never bother.
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thank you for all the advice! I started applying plain yogurt and instantly the burning felt better!
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yougurt never worked for me. maybe i get some crazy yougurt resistant strain??? i know for sure it needs to be plain yougurt~ no flavors, no sugar~ or you will actually be helping the yeast grow. anyways, i mix a little apple cider vinagar with water and wash with it a few times a day. the acidity makes the vagina a bad environment for the yeast. it works like a charm every time. oh and grapefruit seed extract too of course...i take that stuff for everything! a few drops in a few ounces of water...good luck!
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Older thread, I know. Does anyone think my DD's yeast rash wash might work for a YI? It's vinegar/tto/water, and has obliterated her yeast rash. Think it's worth a try to kill off my YI?
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