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late bloomers(speech and potty)??

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My boys will be turning three in October and still say very few words... although they understand more than they speak... I see other kids their age talking in full sentences. It would be so nice to be able to communicate!

I also don't see us anywhere near using the potty yet... anyone else in the same boat?
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My ds2 will be 3 in October as well. His speech skills are on track, but we're right there with you on the potty thing. He won't even sit on it.
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A friend of mine had a normal kid that didn't potty learn till he was 4 ... she had really researched it a lot and said that while 4 was a little unusual it was still in the normal range ...

I'm expecting again and due in Feb...and boy would it be nice to have these two in underwear by then.
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I always think it's a big silliness to compare kids to any other kids. It may not be a "better" thing to talk early or on time or whatever -- maybe this pre-talking time is going to lead to them being the world's greatest artists or writers or who knows what? I think you should just let them teach you patience with that as they no doubt do with anything else.

I will say though that we didn't do any PL stuff -- we just went naked all the time at home and kept the potty out in the living room and whenever I had to pee, I shouted with laughter and fun, "QUICK, PEE PEE COMING," and we all ran to the big potty. My guy was done with dipes daytime at around 20 months with this method.
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My son turned 3 last week. He does not speak in full sentences and barely spoke at all until this past April. we were in Florida and he just started saying so many words that we said Florida melted in voice box.

Potty training is a different story for us b/c we used EC he was done early and used sign language to communicate the need.
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