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I chose a birthing clinic where they ONLY do rooming in, even after a cesarian. The first night I had to call the nurse ten times to come to the room and change the baby's diaper or move her to the other side of me and help latch her onto my breast. I had an IV and a catheter and couldn't do anything for myself. It was hard but no way would I have gone to a hospital where they'd take my baby away from me. unless it was an emergency of course.
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My son had some small breathing issues as well but they resolved by the time they stitched me up. He never left the room. Dh had the option to hold him while I was being stitched but ds was calm and just looking around so he stayed by my side (not to mention he was a nervous first time dad ) Anyway, when I was wheeled out of the or ds was in my arms. He experienced his first elevator ride at about 30 minutes old. He was in my arms in rocovery, where the nurse encouraged us to try and nurse. He latched on right away (even though another 3 horus later he couldn't figure it out : )

But he only went to the nursery when I asked, which was a couple times cause he didn't sleep at all and I was exhausted. But their policy was as soon as baby starts to cry he comes to me. Even with bottlefed babes they went to mom when upset. Which was fine but then sending him to nursery was kinda pointless.
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Hello ladies!

I wanted to stop by and introduce myself.

The birth of our son will most likely be a cesarean birth. He has been breech since probably 18 weeks. A 31ish week u/s showed he was still breech. We attempted a version last Friday to turn him but he refused to budge.

So, we currently have a c/s scheduled for almost 40 weeks (this may change). If I go into labor before then (I'm as bit over 37 weeks now) and he hasn't turned on his own we will have a c/s. He has a big head (DH's family trait ) and we don't want to risk a vaginal, breech birth.

We are almost done with our Bradley classes and may still get to "use the info" if he turns on his own but I'm glad I've had some time now to "mourn" the loss of my "dream birth". I think I've finally come to grips with it and I'm so happy this thread is here to help!

We asked the nurse at the version about anesthesia and she said it would be a spinal. I didn't realize there was a choice so we will discuss this with the OB this week.

Thank you for sharing your stories!
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My son was breech until 37 weeks. Acupuncture was very effective in getting him to turn head down. I still ended up having a cesarian at 42 weeks for other reasons. Anyway,
if you can find an acupuncturist in your area you might want to give it a try, so you can at least say you eliminated that possible cause for a cesarian. Acupuncture isn't painful BTW, if it's done right!
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jess... thank you I don't think i'm any stronger than anyone else you know. we all take something different from our experiences and it shapes us. But i do thank you for the compliment
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Sigh. I have to stop reading certain threads in this forum-just seems to be a strong judgmental energy rising up lately pertaining to cesareans. Which is why I don't like being in Birth and Beyond.

Anyhoo--how are the recovering mamas doing? And the expecting mamas?
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I don't read anything in this forum, except this thread

I am trying to prepare for my c-birth in January, mentally and physically. Trying to focus on the birth I will be having, as opposed to wasting time thinking how it could be different.
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Ladylee, I know what you're talking about. I really get upset by women who don't know all the facts about my birth or my situation but insist on making judgments and hurtful blanket statements. Sigh.

I'm due in May. I'm going with a ob practice, because CNMs no longer deliver in my town, and I don't want a homebirth. If I *really* wanted a CNM, I could drive to another town, but the surrounding hospital stats are not nearly as good.

I've discussed VBAC at great length with 2 of the obs (both of whom I really like... I've also met with a 3rd, who was an idiot, but ironically and thankfully, she's pg and will be on leave when I'm due). So far, we're in agreement, and I've just been trying to really get "the lay of the land." No induction (or augmentation)... either I go into labor and give birth, or I have a C. This relieves me... I found the idea of an induction before my C with ds pretty scary, and obviously, the risk is higher now. The ob I saw most recently said that if I go late, they'll probably want to do a C at 41 wks. I told her I'd rather be able to go to 42, and she said we could play it by ear (and by non-stress test). She also said that on a scale of 0-10, "bad VBAC candidate" to "great VBAC candidate" I'm somewhere in the middle (which I already knew; my midwife warned me about it, and I trust her judgment--don't want to talk about it on other threads because I don't want to get shot down--I want to mentally prepare myself for a C if I need to). That's fine. I'll do the best I can do. The way I see it, the person who would most benefit from the VBAC is my ds...

The only "issue" is that I apparently have a bleeding cyst on one of my ovaries which may have to be removed. I haven't asked yet whether the removal would affect my chances at a VBAC.

Anyway, glad this safe forum is here.
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Hikaru~~We tried moxabustion and still nothing. I believe that he has a reason for being breech. We did try several other natural ways as well before the version.

I am trying to prepare for my c-birth in January, mentally and physically. Trying to focus on the birth I will be having, as opposed to wasting time thinking how it could be different.
This is fabulous. I spent a week or so "mourning" the potential loss of my natural birth dream. Then I decided that while it was necessary for my mental health, it wasn't getting me anywhere. So, focusing on the postives was my next step.

My Bradley instructor suggested I call it my "cesarean birth" instead of a c-section. I like it.

I haven't read any other thread in here and now I don't think I will. Thanks for the heads up.
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I guess i don't read the wrong threads or I'm just oblivious :

I'm still planning a VBAC but can't get the nagging feeling of another c/b out of my head. Which I guess is a strike against me!
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It's_our_family... I'm kind of feeling the same way. I'm going to do everything I can to have the VBAC, but the baby has to cooperate, too. I just feel like it would be better for *me* if I'm mentally prepared for all scenarios... one of which could be another C.
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You got my curiosity up and I went looking around this forum : : -hoping not to get curious again, we all need to stay where we feel supported!
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Originally posted by jess7396

You got my curiosity up and I went looking around this forum : : -hoping not to get curious again, we all need to stay where we feel supported!
Me too.....I just gonna stay here now. Except for my own questions.....
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edited out b/c I was naughty again
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I've never gotten a pm but I'm not doing a repeat...well, not planning one...well, I'm not sure!

I didn't think this would be such a hard thing to decide. At first I was VBAC all the way...never pushing it on anyone though. I get enough things shoved in my face around here (IRL) that I don't need to do it to anyone else.

I thought about just doing a repeat but the more i think about it the more I know I have to at least try again. If I end up with a repeat I know I'll be upset and mourn all over again but I'd rather mourn what really happened and not the "it could have been"s.

It drives me nuts that ppl don't think before they write. I try not to judge anyone. I know i made mistakes with my first labor and i know that those mistakes most likely were the direct cause to y c/b but I've tried to accept it. I do, however, try to be an advocate of not inducing early for supposed reasons of "big baby" or timing. I was induced early and wish to this day I had had the patience to wait.

I'm sorry you are judged without anyone asking first.

It's the same thing I would get about circumcision (most likely)

I'm sorry but I just can't jump on every band-wagon that goes by...
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I've never gotten a pm from anyone regarding this (at least not yet) and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be having a repeat c-section. Perhaps it's because I usually try and make it clear in my posts on this topic that I have been researching vbac vs. repeat c-section since we started ttc this baby (over a year ago). I also make it known that my doctors are totally leaving the choice up to me, and that I feel more comfortable going w/ a repeat c-section.
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:LOL I know-it's like a moth being drawn to light, isn't it? For me it's a good distraction from California wildfires and the pathetic condition of my house (not damaged, just covered in soot and ash.)

There is one member here that is very pro ICAN and I respect her immensely. If she pm'd me I'd listen. SHe would never push the info on someone, btw. I respect the women who have had a personal triumph with a VBAC and those who are working toward it. Everyone has their personal journey--and everyone has to "overcome" in their lives, take back their personal power that we tend to lose year by year--perhaps for these women birth is where that journey has been assigned to happen. My "overcoming" took place in different areas of my life-and I just wish those who push VBACs without asking would stop and consider that. I hope that it's coming from a good place when unsolicited advice is offered, but I really think to a large extent it's an ego-based thing going on.

jess7396-you know you can block pms, right? I've gotten a couple and didn't respond-felt no obligation to do so.
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I'm planning on a VBAC, but I'm not a fanatic. Ultimately, my health and the baby's health are the most important.

But I have gotten snarky PMs from people about what I've had to say about my C (from at least 2-3 different people in the last 2 years... I've deleted them all). Apparently, I'm not "sorry enough" about my C, and I'm not "confident enough" about a VBAC. I've definitely been told that my C wasn't necessary--and this before they even knew what happened! Sheesh--V birth at all costs, no matter whether my health or my baby's is compromised...

It really hadn't occurred to me that others would be getting rude PMs, too; now it seems obvious. I realize now that I probably should have just forwarded them to a moderator, or to Cynthia Mosher, or whatever; it's a subtle form of harrassment, and it shouldn't be allowed or tolerated.

This is ultimately why I think we need a "protected space" here.

"So, how do you all take those PMs and how do you respond to them?"

I used to respond and try to explain what happened, why I feel justified, and now I just ignore and delete.
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I had never seen a post that was derrogitory toward repeat c/b. You would think that in a atmosphere like we are in that there would be more tolerance to such things.

There are things that women do here that I think are silly but I'm not going to spout off at the mouth about it because I don't know all the details.

Was my c/b unnecessary...not at the point where I had it. Was my induction unnecesary...maybe. Was my ob breaking my water...YES!

Anyway, I'm just kinda surprised. I never saw why ladylee was so adamant about needing our own space...but I guess we do!
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I was more just curious about why it is assumed that I have not done my own research, soul-search, etc. I just hate even well-meaning people assuming I am uninformed and feeling I need to justify myself about this.

We do need to keep a "safe place" for this to be discussed in a manner that assumes intelligence on the mamas parts about their own situation.

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