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3 c-sections and 9 months later-- (HBA3C slideshow)

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We would truely love to share our special story with others. Here is our video, we hope to help and encourage other moms & dads with it. Enjoy.

This is the translated to enlish version:


and this is the original spanish version:

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What a beautiful video! Congratulations!!
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That was such an amazing and inspirational video of your births! God bless you for maintaining strength and faith. I await the arrival (hbac) of our little one (almost 39 weeks). My husband and I hope and pray that he/she will arrive healthy and safe here at home.
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thanks that was beautiful :
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Love it!
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I cried as I watched this video can really understand how you are feeling. While I didn't get my homebirth, I did have 2VBA3C's and it was amazing.

Thank you for sharing!
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wow. amazing.
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Thank you for sharing

As I sit here knowing I have about 2 weeks or so left before my VBAC, you inspire me. What a beautiful and touching story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Who can survive without faith.

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Oh my GOODNESS!~!!!!! Your midwife is Kathy!!!! She was just telling me how she went to PR and delivered a vba3c!!!! You must be her!!!! I am planning a vba2c in just 4 short weeks!!!!! I cryed and cryed then when I saw Kathy I was like WOW!!! YAY GO YOU!!!!!
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Wow I cannot express what I feel when i see your video! It's so inspiring, I hope that I can do it too!
Thanks for sharing!
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How beautiful!! Congratulations!!!: Very inspiring!!!
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Did you have to make me cry!?!!!...Im sobbing like a baby here!!!
My son said that was a great song! hehe

That was a fantastic video hun. So beautiful and inspiring. I just dont know what else to say! You will be in my thoughts when my time comes - your faith can fuel mine! - Thank you for that!!!
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ARE YOU IN PR??? I am here in PR too!!! Your video made me cry. Thanks so much for sharing. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm still grieving my c/s, this was really uplifting.
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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations.
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Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations.
You've really inspired me.

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congrats! thank you for wanting to inspire other women and show them its not impossible!
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Wow! Just.... wow! Congratulations. I'm planning for a VBAC with this baby. I have a midwife with this one, who DH and I both really like. Thank you for the video.
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Simply, BRAVO!
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That was beautiful. I'm crying my eyes out here. Well done to you for being so determined and keeping your faith. I'm so pleased you finally got to experience childbirth
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That was beautiful, thank you for sharing

Congratulations on your vba3c! What a triumph!
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