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I am in tears..i am so glad you posted this it gives such hope amongst all the doubt and those who are in opposition to birthing after multiple no reason surgeries. I hope I can prove them wrong too and above all prove to myself that I can do this
thanks again
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So beautiful Mama! Thank you for sharing- this brought back beautiful memories of my homebirth vbac, on June 19th of last year.
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Thank you all for your kind and loving words. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to share this with other moms and dads. It is very important to me to be able to help others. I believe that this was the purpose of my 3 c-sections- To help others realize that if "I CAN" get back up on my feet after falling 3 times.... "YOU CAN TOO!"

I really hope this helps others wash away some of their fears and gives them a BIG boost of Faith for when it's time to make their own story.

One thing that helped me through labor was mentally repeating to myself these words: " I am designed for this. I CAN, I CAN, of course I CAN."

ps- yes I am in PR and we had Kathy (out midwife) come down.
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Can you share some advice???

Hi ! Your video was amazing! I am currently praying that God touches my DH heart so that he can open up to the idea of another baby. I have had 2 c-sections and he says he can't muster up the courage to watch me go through it again. I wanted a VBAC but at 39 weeks the baby was "big for my size" , my BP was starting to go up a little, I was not dilated... nothing. I tried herbal stuff, accupuncture to ripen the cervix, took castor oil and nothing worked. After being summoned with all the what if scenarios we scheduled a repeat c-section. In retrospect... it went well, but I wish I had not caved in to everyine else's fears. I SO wanted to birth my child! I still do! I know that I am not done having babies... although he feels strongly that he is.

Watching your video gave me courage and inspiration...muchas ilusiones.
How did you find your midwife? Did you follow a special diet (organic stuff etc.) during pregnancy? Did you take any herbs to help with your cervix?

Praying and wanting to have your same experience...

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Your video just made me cry and cheer: Your story will be an inspiration to others.

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That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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veronicalynne & CaliMommie: I'm glad that you enjoyed my slideshow. Thanks for the cheers and cute smilies.

mamamia713: Sure, I'll share some advice.

First of all keep on praying for guidance and for God do do His will. Keep up the Faith, remember things happen in His time not ours.

I suggest that you try sharing my slideshow with your husband. A woman on ican wrote to me and told me that her husband was moved with the slideshow and finally acknowledged(sp?) that he hadn't been too supportive of her after the csec and that he too had bitter feelings about the whole thing. He opened up to her and she was happy about that.

I did the same with my husband. I shared other peoples vbac birth stories with him. I showed him my favorite vbac slideshows and he accompanied me to a vbac support group (very important). This was all very helpful and encouraging.

I found my midwife by making many phone calls to different midwives and someone refered me to her. Then I came here on MDC and asked around for other womens' experience with her.

I ate a healthy diet whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Only non processed, fresh foods. NO junk foods or sugary things. Non spicy and very low in sodium. I drank lots of water. I took vitC with betacarotene, vitE, and Omegas 3,6,9. Plus I drank a lot of red raspberry leaf tea.

I read and read and read a lot on the ICAN-online yahoogroup elist.

I was not in a rush. I trusted my body to do it's thing when it was ready. I got up to 41wks & 4 days without getting stressed about it. I made sure to stay physically and mentally relaxed, well sort of-- I DID have 3 other little ones causing kaos all over, but I tried my best to keep my cool.

But, the most important thing was, keeping our Faith.

Sigue tus ilusiones. You CAN do it!
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Absolutely Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It is very touching and inspirational!

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that was beautiful and so inspiring! thank you so much for sharing!
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That was wonderful!! Congradulations on such a wonderful birth!!!
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Congratulations! How beautiful! : How incredibly healing and amazing for you.
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Oh how beautiful! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing and WAY TO GO MAMA!!!! :
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What a powerful and emotional story! You have a beautiful family, and you are a strong Mama. Congratulations on your Birth!
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thank you so much for putting this slideshow together it is truly awsome. Cognrats, I will pass this on to all the mamas and vbac mamas I know.
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Congratulations! Loved the slideshow, you have such a beautiful family!

I had my VBAC in Jan 2007, so I get very excited for others who enjoy a successful VBAC!

I know a woman here in Michigan who had a HBA4C with Dr. Kathy last year, so I think you really found the perfect midwife for your situation. If you ever visit Michigan, we should have a little VBAC party, LOL.
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Dr. Kathy???

Can someone direct me to Dr. Kathy?
Does she have a web page? Does she practice in Michigan only? Does she deliver only Home Births?


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Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

I am planning a vba2c and your montage totally inspired me! This past week I was feeling scared and anxious and almost lost "faith" that I could do this and was about to give in to a 3rd c-sec. You are an inspiration and I adored your strength and determination!!
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