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I'm always the mom who finds herself saying "Oh, dang! Hold that pose, I have to delete some pictures before I can take another!"
We started taking digital about 3 years ago and I have never found a good system for making sure they are organized. Mostly they are all on my desktop computer, with some of the early ones backed up on CD's, but more recently- they are either on the laptop, on the desktop, and most are NOT backed up. We need to get an external hard drive, I know. (But right now we don't have an extra $100 anywhere.) Mostly, I'm interested in tips for disciplining myself, making a routine of managing photos. They are such a mess (if that is possible- considering they are digital files!) that I have no baby book for dd 2.5, because I have to dig through the files for favorite/corresponding photos and that overwhelms me- then I have to get them uploaded and printed, then put in the book.
Do you all build digital photo organization into your weekly routines? How often do you do it? What is working for you?
I do have a flickr account. Only problem there is that for some reason I can' t upload onto flickr from my desktop (where most of photos are) only from my laptop- grrr. Something wrong with our network cables...I'm not tech savvy.