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My water broke!

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At about 620pm. I'm so excited because I was scheduled to receive the gel tomorrow at 9am and I thought and prayed all day that I would go naturally before that. And what do you know, my water broke, yipee! I'm only having sporadic contractions but hopefully those will pick up. I called the hospital and they said to come and get checked so I did and I was really impressed. They checked my record and found out I was GBS negative (I just had the swab last wednesday and didn't know the result) so they confirmed it was my water by testing the pad, not by checking me, no cervix check, checked the baby's heartrate for a bit and said go ahead home and just come back when you feel you need to. I was really happy with the no stress, non interventive attitude. So, I'm going to just hang out and wait! I know it can't be too long now.
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yay!!! :
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That is so great that you weren't admitted and given the 24 hour countdown that you would probably get in the US! I hope we have a new babe to welcome soon!!! :
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Yay! Easy labor vibes to you! Can't wait to hear the full story!
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Yay! How exciting... Hope the birth goes beautifully! (and I am a little jealous)
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That is WONDERFUL news!!! I am so glad you don't have the clock ticking away!! I can't wait to hear the news!! :
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Yay! Hope things are picking up for you!!
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wonderful news...and so happy things are going good so far!
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That is great news
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oh, awesome! ELVs, and i can't wait to read your birth story!
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Yea! That's exciting. Often contractions pick up overnight and peter out during the day, so you might be prepared for that.
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That's great!! : Sounds like the hospital has some good staff.
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Neat! I hope you have your baby soon
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Woo hoooo, Julie!!!! Not much longer now! SO glad that you had such a good experience with your hospital!! ELV Momma!!!
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Nothing much happened til about midnight. It's almost 230am now and contractions are about 6-7 minutes apart and I gotta say, I forgot how toe curling-ly painful they can be (especially when water is already broken). I envy the mamas that confuse their contractions with gas pains. Will work through as long as I can and then head to the hospital (it's over a 1/2 hour drive). Thanks for the support mamas. I'll come back for a birth story when I can!
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Thinking of you tonight!
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Yay!!!! Happy peaceful birthing!!!!!!

SO impressed by your hospital! That's unheard of here!
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Thinking of you. I hope you have your baby soon!
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