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LDS/mormon/ex-mormon Queer mamas

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Can you share with me your experiences and maybe some links like www.affirmation.org and stuff like that? I have a friend who is LDS and questioning and she needs info and support. Thanks!
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And she is an MDC mamma... Anybody wanna help? 112 views....
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Sorry Veganmamma...didn't mean to ignore the request...I'm not LDS so I wasn't thinking creatively. My sister is LDS and has a friend who is LDS and coping with being a lesbian and how it intersects with her faith. Maybe I can connect you with my sister. My sis is straight but had some female experiences in her youth and may be able to help your friend sort through some stuff. My sis is also studying to be a psychologist so this may help too! Let me know...!
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I would love that, thank you. My email is mama@mamasmith.com.
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Lauren...I'll chat with her and get back to you. I owe her an email anyway so I'll do so tonight!

Ciao! Robyn
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Maybe try www.exmormon.org ? They might have good links there.
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I emailed her...just waiting for her to respond!
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Lauren!!! Finally...sorry I've been swamped with my own life's drama but nonetheless I finally got an answer.

My sis said she'd be glad to speak with you and your friend...here is her info: Linda Walczak -- email excised!!! I will tell her to expect an email from you some time in the near future. Just let her know you know me from Mothering.com and she'll get the connection. She also recommends a book: "Born That Way" by Erin Eldridge...can be found on deseretbook.com for $1.97! Written by a Mormon lesbian from what I understand.

Hope this helps!

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I was raised in an LDS family. I began to question the church a bit in college (as do most folks, I think?). I also met my one and only girlfriend in college. Here we are 15+ years later with two kids.

Clearly I am not active in the church, however I am thankful/grateful for the stability it provided me as a child. I believe in the social/cultural aspects of the church, but do not believe the doctrine. The focus on family is appealing to me, as is the built-in social network. (Let's not even get into the benefits that come with 'having a testimony' such as business and career networking, good, cheap education, etc.) I am currently unsuccessful in searching for some way to provide the same for my children.

I don't know if my story or history could be of any help to your friend. (For example if she is coming out of a marriage, has kids, etc.)

I'd be happy to e-chat with her or answer any specific questions via you if that might be helpful to her.
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Thanks, I will pass this info on to her. She is very closeted right now, but I think she will speak to people who have been in the same boat.
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