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my messed update

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I just got kicked out of my house. one year verbal lease with a single dad friend of 10 years. its so messed up i will spare you the details. but he essentially is a huge slob, got a g-friend and decided that he would get mad at me about the state of his slobbines. he used the words " you broke our agreement " ( by his accusation that i havent been pitching in but i have) and "this isnt going to work out" . no request to do more work , no nothing. he is kicking me out because i interrupted him as he told me of his grievances with statements about injustice, and things like " how could you kick an impoverished single mom out on the street" he calls that one a "guilt projection"

just another incedent with a controlling, passive agressive, weird man. I dont know when i will ever be able to see these awful qualities in a man before its too late. he illegally gave me just 15 days to get out. but thats not all. no, thats not all.

I had JUST gotten some help from my ex boyfriend in paying off old medical debt left from my divorce. I was JUST about to round the corner of my poverty because of my cheap rent here and my ex boyfriends help. Why did my ex boyfriend want to help me? because i am having a lot of success in starting up my own dream business, and he wants me to have a clean slate and move forward into my dreams. The moment he said that to me i just felt so amazed and lucky that all these people were supporting me and i could really do this thing. And that in a year, after living here, i would get to next think about buying a house!

not any more.

I would have been stable by October.

Now, my buisness is threatened ( because now i am spending all my time and energy trying to get help and find a house)

oh and thats not all. go back about a month. when i thought i still had a home.

my ex husband is just an idiot. i am sorry. but he is. Last winter he decided to quit his perfectly good job. so he could take a photography class. to finish his degree. then his girlfriend who he was living with decided to move to FL to go to school. When the semester ended, she moves , he goes with her for 10 days to help, comes back, doesnt get a job or look for a home for himself. Then, he asks if he can take DS to FL with him for a month to see his family and his g-friend.

I said NO WAY. but then i thought about how much fun DS would have and that its ok , and decided that if my ex husband put it in writing the dates they were coming back, fine. He calls me the NEXT MORNING and tells me he bought the tickets. oh nice, thanks for checking with me before you click "purchase" . so the date they leave is the day BEFORE my mom comes here! she hasnt seen DS in years for multiple reasons. But GAWD i was mad!!!!! i still have nothing in writing. the ex H is sooo frusterating. My gut doesnt say he is going to take DS. I just want it all on paper especially considering the current turmoil.

So now my ex husband is GET THIS, crashing at my house! so that DS can have somewhere to BE because my ex is watching him while i work. So yeah. I now live with my ex husband, who has no job, and have to hide in my room from a really nasty ex roomate who has kicked me out, and all the while figure out where to live, how to save my business, and how to stay sane.

my ex and my son leave on the 16th, and i am renting a UHAUL and moving out. I will couch hop while ds is gone, so its good that ds is not freaking homeless, he will be staying with his grandma and having a lot of fun.

thanks for listening.
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sounds like a tough situation and I dont have any advice right now, but I hope that all this brings you to a better place.
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wow. when it rains, its pours.....

mama, you will get through this and come out the other end stronger and wiser. i wish you well through this crazy time.

blessings, dharma
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oh my!

good luck!
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What a difficult situation, I'm so sorry you are going through this
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I am sorry that this is all happening at one time.
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just checking in..

i moved out, and am staying with my current boyfriend. sounds so stable right. well , its good, things are good as they can be, but i am tired. I found a place but its a little studio in not a great neighborhood. Ds wont have a bedroom and the rent is as much as when i was renting a 2-bedroom , because rent just went way up.

mainly i am just tired and its been a week or so since i have had a place of my own. While i am not "homeless" like a street person, i do feel disoriented and miss having somewhere to go where i am not imposing on others' space. My boyfriend is being very welcoming, but its just not the same as saying " i want to go home" and just chilling on the couch eating potato chips and ice cream in the privacy of your own home!

so, thats all. i feel less angry but mainly cuz i am tired. I miss my DS like wild and can hardly think of it without getting all emotional. but DS is having a great time, so at least theres that.

chao mamas. i will update again when theres some progress!
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