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Spotting in 14th week

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This is my first pregnancy and I don't have a history of miscarriage. I am at 13 weeks 4 days right now. I'm trying not to be anxious about this because I don't have any cramping or pain, but would still feel relieved to hear that someone else is going through this too or has gone through it before.

Up front I'll say that I am consulting my midwife and her colleague back in Costa Rica, but I am on an extended trip to the States so cannot go to see them. I may see if I can get an in-person consult from a midwife today or tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. I'm going to call both Alma and Andaluz, but if anyone wants to message me with particular midwives' contact info that would be great.

Some details about the bleeding... it started on Friday when I was in NW Washington State so it's now been 6 days. It started out as rust colored, enough to soak my underwear and into my pants. I took a 2.5 hour nap and when I went to the bathroom afterward the amount of blood was probably enough to soak my underwear again. This time it was more of a red wine color - not bright red like from a cut, but still definitely red. (Though I had some brown spotting occasionally in my 7-10th weeks, this was the first time it had shown up red.) I spent some time lying down and relaxing and drinking pregnancy tea. But then I did need to pack up to go to Oregon, so I did some packing later at night. Probably at 11pm I started spotting again so I decided to lie down and try to sleep right then and there.

I've been getting very light spotting that I'm calling "smudging" throughout the day - about a dime sized smudge (often it's less) of light brownish discharge between times going to the bathroom. Sometimes nothing at all. This morning and yesterday morning I was shocked right after going to the bathroom - seems like the discharge from all the hours I slept came out at once, which looks alarming - a couple of quarter-sized amounts of red wine colored spotting.

On Monday after consulting with my midwife's colleague and a midwifery student studying herbs I decided to go ahead and start taking the Women's Health Tonic compound (by Herb Pharm) at the lowest dosage (30 drops 2 xs a day). I'm also taking a Vitamin E supplement and I'm trying to eat more iron in case it's an iron deficiency. I've been doing my best to take it easy and not do much activity at all, but that's hard since I'm in Portland, Oregon to see my friends I haven't seen in nearly a year! Yesterday I stayed at my friend's house all day and then went to a BBQ and sat there in the evening.

The Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year book by Susun Weed says I might want to make wild yam root or Lobelia herb (Indian Tobacco) tea for preventing threatened miscarriage. It also mentioned for preventing chronic miscarriage the use of both false unicorn root and cramp bark.

Without the book in hand I bought a product at a well known health food store called "Women's Health Tonic compound" and it's subtitle is "Supports Healthy Function of the Female Reproductive System". Ingredients listed here: http://www.herb-pharm.com/Products/compounds_fs.html#W
They photocopied a page out of the product manual for me and it says at the top "ACTION & USES Enhances the general health of the uterus, ovaries and urinary bladder, and helps maintain their balanced function and structure." Later after other uses it says "Pregnancy: as a prenatal tonic to facilitate a healthy, full term pregnancy and a smooth delivery" then at the bottom it says "CAUTIONS With any gynecological problem associated with severe or consistent pain or bleeding with high or persistent fever, or other serious symptoms, promptly seek qualified healthcare. Consult a qualified midwife or physician before taking during pregnancy."

Any other suggestions or support are welcome. Thanks!
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should I have posted this in the general Pregnancy and Birth > I'm Pregnant section?
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Hi Sarah Joy,
I don't know much about spotting, but I know from friends who have spotted around 14 weeks, it was placenta previa. If you can go to an ER, they can check you out with an ultrasound and let you know for sure. Not sure how you feel about that, but that's what I would do for my own peace of mind.
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I'm 14 wks 2 days today and started spotting about 2 wks ago. At first a rust color, similar to what your's sounds like. It wasn't enough to soak through my underwear but was definitely enough to freak me out. (I'm a nurse so I tend to think about worst case scenarios too often.) I called my mw who was at a birth. She wasn't too worried but offered to see me when the birth was over to give me piece of mind. I decided to take a wait and see approach since she didn't seem overly worried. That night I had really bad cramping but I couldn't tell if it was all uterine, intestinal, or a combo (I get terrible diarrhea instead of throwing up with this pg, sorry TMI). I did have a lot of diarrhea that night. The next day the bleeding was still there but more brown in color and not as heavy. The third day it was a little brighter in color and the cramps were back so I called the mw. She did an ultrasound and the baby looked fine. That gave me a HUGE sense of relief. Two hours after I got home from the mw's office, the bleeding was period heavy and bright red. Since then it's much lighter but I get brown smudges off and on every day or two. Sometimes it's just enough to show up when I wipe, other times it's almost heavy enough to soak my underwear. I borrowed a friend's Doppler and check the baby's heart tones every couple days. I had another mw appointment last night and so far, so good. She doesn't seem worried at all. She recommended that I take an herbal supplement to help strengthen the blood flow to and around the placenta. It was either alfalfa or oatstraw but I can't remember which. I'm going to email her tonight for clarification and I'll let you know what I find out. I know how stressful unexplained bleeding can be. I'm trying so hard not to worry too much but it it's really hard at times. Keep us posted!
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i'm sorry i don't know much about the herbs and such, but i wanted you to know i'm thinking of you. i had a friend with similar bleeding around week 12, and it was indeed placenta previa. she was on bedrest for 6 weeks, after which point it resolved. she carried a healthy baby girl to full term.
i hope you get the advice and reassurance you need quickly.
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I've faced sudden bleeding several times in the last 4 weeks. First instance at 10 week I freaked out and since I hadn't had my first midwife appt and I was JUST released from my reproductive endo I called them for the bleeding. Things were fine, healthy and on target. I've had about 4-5 small instances that I told myself was "normal" for me apparently.

Until yesterday morning. I had a gush of blood that soaked through a doubled hand towel. I called my midwife in panic and she sent me to her backup OB for an ultrasound. Both times I have had an u/s they have not been able to find a cause to the bleeding.

Baby is still kicking in there but I am now on limitations for at least the next 6 weeks when I have my 20 week u/s. No sex OR orgasms(no fun). No heavy lifting. No vacuuming, raking, mowing the lawn.
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I'm sorry this is happening to you, it's so scary. I have a story that turned out well, maybe that will help?

I had a bleed at 23 weeks, later than yours, but it was bright red blood and looked like the beginning of my period. It turned out to be placenta previa - they called it complete p.p. and I was on modified bedrest/pelvic rest until week 36, when an ultrasound showed that the placenta had moved 2 cm off the cervix. I went on to have a great natural birth, and that baby is now 2 and a half.

So...it's good you're posting here, whatever you do, don't scour the internet looking for info on bleeding, because you will find every horror story possible. It sounds like you will get this resolved. Meanwhile, take it easy, very easy. Don't lift things, do a lot of sitting around - at least until you get this figured out.

Good luck, I hope all is well.
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Thank you all for your support and wise words.

One midwifery practice in Portland advised me to get an ultrasound in case there's a problem with the placenta if it would help me feel better. That advice was given through the receptionist after I had given her notes about my situation. The other midwifery practice had a midwife call me back and she was careful yet decisive when she told me: "don't worry, you should be fine". She said I could get an ultrasound if I really want one but without cramping or a lot of blood I don't need one. Maybe I was just wanting to hear that, but now I don't feel as nervous and won't get an ultrasound unless something else comes up that indicates I should.

Two other notes on USs and me - I wasn't planning to get an US until the third trimester due to concerns about the safety of it for the baby. Plus we are traveling with no health insurance in the US. We aren't rich but of course for my health and baby's health money is no object... on the other hand I would prefer not to pay for something that isn't going to make a change in my health. Resting and taking it easy is going to be the advice whether or not I get an US.

We might rent a doppler just so that we can hear the baby's heartbeat every few days for a while. Is that selfish?

I continue to feel good and not at all fragile. I also appreciate that I still need to rest and relax and not stress out regardless. I also want to make sure I'm trusting my intuition and my body most of all - though that's hard when there are so many opinions and resources available.

I want to thank you for being some of the resources I can rely on!
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I personally would rather get one quick ultrasound than repeatedly use the doppler, if I were looking for peace of mind. But, that's just my $0.02.

EDIT: To clarify, I do mean quite quick - when I went in for an ultrasound due to some spotting at 6 1/2 weeks (I would have just waited it out, but I was about to travel away from home/DH for a week and really didn't want to go if I was going to miscarry) the doctor use the ultrasound for maybe three or four minutes, no longer than you'd usually use a doppler for.
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No real advice, just sending

Last pregnancy I spotted all the way to week 14. It was very nerve-wracking. Apparently I had a small pocket of blood next to the placenta and it was not dangerous, just scary.
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Thanks again to everyone for sharing their experiences and what they would do. I continue to feel good and so far it's nearly 6 full days without bleeding, which I am so thankful for.

I've been resting a fair amount and eating A LOT (since I'm at a family reunion). My pregnant belly is showing a lot more now than even a week ago, which is fun. I've been hanging out with my cousin and her 6 month old beautiful and happy baby girl , so I'm sure that the baby energy and baby hormones are good for me to be around! Well... I will keep you posted if anything else out of the ordinary happens.
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Glad to hear that you're feeling well. I just wanted to chime in to say that the same thing happened to me at about 10 weeks, with so much red blood that I was convinced I was losing the baby. An examination the next morning revealed that I had a polyp on my cervix that was really full of blood vessels, and it had gotten irritated and bled quite a bit. It has continued to do so off and on ever since, and now when I wipe and see blood, it just seems normal. Without any cramping, pain, etc., I'm sure you're just fine.
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