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hi guys, if you don't mind i have a question

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i am due in late oct. i went in for my 24 wk check yesterday (i should note that so far i have declined all scans and tests). i have gained 31lbs (but i did gain 50lbs with dd), and i am now measuring 4 wks ahead (i was right on track til now. throughout my dd's pg i was right on track). with the doppler, the doc 'thought' he heard 2 heart tones. one holding steady in the 140's - this is the tone i am familiar with from prior visits - and one in the 160's. he thinks there is a good chance i am carrying twins. but he couldn't palpate two.

he wants me to have a u/s right away. we pay out of pocket and if i really am carrying twins, it's going to mean more $ we pay. a scan will cost $600+, but if i wait til aug 18th or there abouts, i can get one for free at the local tech from one of the sonography students. i'd rather wait and get a free one and than fork out unnecessarily for a u/s on a singleton. i also dont think waiting for a confirmatory u/s til 31 wks will make too much difference to anything.

my question to you is (and you probably get questions like this all the time and are probably sick of them ) what do you think the odds are?

there are some other differences with this pg. i was only felt rough for 2 weeks with dd, this pg i was rough for 15 wks and still have some food aversions. my breasts are enormous, i grew out of all the maternity/nursing bras i had with dd and cannot find a bra to fit me in any store. i have had some severe stretching and cramping pains, so much so that i ended up in urgent care at 12wks fearing another m/c. i cannot walk more than a few 100yards without experiencing pain around my uterine ligaments and abdominal muscles. when i go to bed i regularly comment to dh that it feels like beaker (our name for the unborn) has friends over, for some reason it becomes particulary active when it's bedtime. last night in bed, after hearing the docs comments about possible twins, i paid attention to the location of the pokes and prods and i just dont know if one baby could do all that.

i would be most grateful for any input you have for me (sorry if this was a bit rambled, i have terrible pg brain this time and struggle with grammar )
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Totally unscientific!!!! but, if there is such a discrepancy between heart tones then in my *TOTALLY UNSCIENTIFIC* experience it's more likely they'd be non identical and thus lower risk, so I'd be happier to wait.
You know the old wives? tale on girls having higher speed heart tones versus boys with lower? I've never seen that not pan out to be true, but....
I'm a worrier so I'd also probably rush in for the scan and pay $1000. lol.

No advice in any way shape or form!!!!

There can be major complications with identical/ monozygotic twins that would probably be much better picked up straight away - I'll leave that to those mama's qualified to comment...

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Sounds to me like you are having TWINS!!!!!

Start eating lots of protein and drink tons of water now

here is a link to some great twin nutrition info:


~eating for 2 babies is NOTHING like eating for 1...
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Like a PP said, MZ (identical) twins can be more complicated . . . I'd want to know just because of the nutrition angle!

Can you go to one of those "vanity" ultrasound places? I remember with my son I paid $25 and got a scan, just because we wanted to know the sex (our initial ultrasound was taken too early to tell). You'd easily be able to see if there was one or two!

But, yeah, you're supposed to eat v. differently with twins, so I'd want to know. Plus, honestly, some twin pregnancies go gorgeously, but they are more likely to be complicated. And, prevention is the best medicine. In other words, you're more likely to have the pregnancy you want if you have lots of knowledge, and can use it to take care of problems before they're problems. I really feel like knowing what you're dealing with is important in getting the outcome you want.

Anyway, congratulations!
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I have b/g twins. She had a hb of 150-160, and he 120-140. This was my only preg so I can't compare it to a singleton. I had big time morning, I mean all day and all night, sickness. Serious aversions. I felt them move at 14 weeks. I had three dreams three nights in a row about twins. I knew before anything was "confirmed". I was not surprised at my us. It was what I was expecting to hear! So, my uneducated but experienced opinion is you have two babies on their way! Beaker and Seeker!

We had the vanity us done, it was $150 but they had cheaper packages. That's a good idea! Also, I had a few massages done by a midwives asst and she said she could sense the two.

Let us know!
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I'm not one for scans, however, I'd want to know if I was dealing with a possible risk of TTTS, in which case a scan would be beneficial. However, I would not trust some school tech to do this - you don't want bad info and even experienced techs have been known to spew bad info irt chorionicity, etc. So I'd say pay for the scan (I'm shocked it's that expensive - I paid out of pocket too and I think it was $300) so you can put your mind at ease or know how to proceed accordingly. And obviously, nutrition is really important w/a twin pregnancy so you'd need to beef it up. I think it sounds like twins - can't wait to tell! Fwiw, my mw couldn't palpate 2 babies until 26 weeks.
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i really appreciate all of your input.

i asked that my doc call me in the morning so i could tell him i was thinking about waiting, now i am not so sure...

there's a place an hour south of here that does 'vanity scans' starting at $75. there's also someplace in town that offers u/s and pg testing and other family planning type stuff (not sure what they charge though, i was going to call them in the morning). the more i think about it, it seems that i would need a full OB u/s either way. to either check out the twins, or to see why the singleton is measuring 4 wks ahead. there seems to be little point in paying for a 'head count' and then have to pay for a full OB anyway. from what you guys have said it appears as though there are real benefits to finding out sooner rather than later.

i really hate that money is a factor in this, but unfortunately for us it is. i'm sure if it is twins i'm going to need a lot more than 1 u/s too......so much to digest, and there's me thinking i was feeling better about everything today

anyway, thanks again.
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I had a second thought, that you could request a CTG, ( I know still ultrasound in terms of safety, but not same initial cost), to see if they can pick up two consistent heart beats?

I don't know if that would give you time to adjust and find your best care route etc....

Also, if they do turn out dichorionic, you won't necessarily need many scans since they are lower risk. I second/ third etc the PP who say get a qualified scan when you do get one. No use playing about with inexperienced peeps.

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thanks for that. i am waiting anxiously by the phone for him to call *nibbles nails*

shukr, i see you are in the UK i moved from there 5 years ago (essex girl at heart ) and i'm still trying to adjust to the healthcare system here!
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It sounds like a strong possibility that you're carrying two! I just thought I'd chime in -- I have fraternal twin girls who had discrepant heartbeats. I thought I was having boy-girl twins. We didn't find out gender from ultrasounds, so having two girls was a huge surprise.

I'd want to know sooner rather than later & if spending $600 for an ultrasound wouldn't mean going into credit card debt or something, I'd do it.
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Originally Posted by ferretfan View Post
thanks for that. i am waiting anxiously by the phone for him to call *nibbles nails*

shukr, i see you are in the UK i moved from there 5 years ago (essex girl at heart ) and i'm still trying to adjust to the healthcare system here!
Hey! My in laws are from Essex too .)

I can't really claim to be from anywhere cos I've moved so much. lol. I was even born abroad - but my in laws are firmly Essex folk and my mum's side of the family from Kent, so I've roots down there!!!
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doc didnt call. i've decided to go ahead and have the scan on monday.

i'm having a rather bad day i was so caught up in freaking out about 'what if it is twins' that i forgot to freak out about 'what if it isnt'. i am firmly in the latter camp right now. i stupidly did some online research into other reasons for measuring ahead and i dont much like any of them. polyhydramnios (and complications), GD (and complications), downs, other complications, other abnormalities.....etc etc

i called a few places today and noone could fit me in before monday, the hospital said to call before the scheduling center closes to see if there are any cancellations for tomorrow. i really dont know how i'm going to make it through til then *sigh*
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I just wanted to mention that my midwife originally thought that I had an excessive amount of fluid too around 20 weeks. The next time she palpated she felt 2 babies and the u/s the next day (22 weeks) confirmed it. Try not to worry! I was convinced I was not having twins and then was in complete shock. Good luck on Monday!
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That's a tough choice...especially with the money involved. If you do end up with twins, the likelihood of more USs is high, too. I have identical girls and the heart beats were quite different, enough that the Dr. guessed it was one of each. But nope...two girls! I really think you'll be able to tell pretty soon if there are two of them. I found out at 20 weeks but I'd already gotten some clues. There was just no way one baby could race across my belly so quickly! Hope all goes well!
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Try not to worry - I know it's hard b/c that's why I had my scan done (I did that same sort of "what if it isn't twins?" research). And fwiw, that's the *only* scan I had (my twins were di/di, so at the lowest risk level). I went on to have a successful, very hands-off homebirth with them.
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I can't really claim to be from anywhere cos I've moved so much. lol. I was even born abroad - but my in laws are firmly Essex folk and my mum's side of the family from Kent, so I've roots down there!!!
My dad was born and raised in London but my aunt lived in Kent (Herne Bay) -- I hope I spelled it right
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I measured up to 7 weeks ahead with my son (third pregnancy in as many years) and we were seriously concerned about twins. I had a scan even though I wasn't planning on it and nope, just one normal sized baby with normal amounts of fluid. My poor abs are shot.
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I know that's going to seem like an eternity, but eat and drink as well as you can and try to be as rested as possible. 4cm is not a huge 'ahead' - I regularly measured *under* by 4cm and more with my singletons. Even if it is a singleton it's not likely to be having all the problems you read about.

As much as antenatal care is great ?!? I find it hard to forgive care providers who raise queries that cannot be quickly resolved, ( financially or otherwise), and that can put a huge blip in the beauty and sacredness of this time. This is exactly why some women avoid regular check ups and birth practitioners.
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Not that I'm recommending that. lol. I just sometimes wonder if it's worth worrying every.single. pregnant woman about what is going wrong with her baby/ body - even if it does avoid a few anomalies 'slipping through the net'.

That is phrased very controversially, since most problems with our body/ child is obviously worth finding out and treating where possible, especially in higher risk cases etc etc etc.....BUT...

to you at this time.
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thanks again for all the encouragement. i am feeling somewhat less frazzled today. i'm gonna put another call into the hospital this morning to see if there are any cancellations (there were none as of last night), and then just brace myself for a looooong weekend

as much as i love the internet, i am NOT doing any further research into what may or may not be going on in my uterus. right now i am pretty convinced it isnt twins. but we'll find out on monday for sure i'm closely monitoring what i eat right now though...just in case
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