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Nursing while pregnant with twins

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This is my first time posting/blogging...... EVER! Honestly, I did not think that they could throw anything new at me since I had 4 girls already when I found out I was pregnant. Twins is definitely something new. I have nursed through previous pregnancies, but am getting conflicting information about nursing when pregnant with twins. I have weaned my 3-and-1/2-year-old by telling her she can have as much mama milk as she likes after the twins come (really did not want to tell her she could not nurse because of the twins.....a little worried she will take me up on it when they get here). I simply do not have the heart to wean my 13-month-old. She is easily distracted during the day nursing before naps and when hurt, etc., but nurses at least 3-5 times each night. We just started putting her in the co-sleeper attached to the bed and that has actually lowered her amount of nursing, but she still clearly loves it (as do I...). I have no history of early labor. I usually go between 2 and 10 days late. My OB seems fairly laid back about me nursing, so far. I am about 17 weeks pregnant (and look about 6 months). I would love to hear from someone who did nurse while pregnant with twins. Any information would be helpful...
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I am on apmultiples group on yahoo groups. I think there has been some recent stuff about triandem nursing. Also try Mothering Multiples by Karen Gromada. My library didn't have it, i ordered it from my bookstore. Maybe try the La Leche League website. They have quite a few articles. Or if there is LLL in your area, they may have a free library you can check out.

Sorry no answers, hope that the above helps!
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New here, but I came across your post and can offer some encouragement. I have 5 children, the last two being 6 month old twins. I have nursed during all of my pregnancies (except the first, of course). Our children are all 19mo-25mo apart, so it sounds like we may have similar spacing? Anyhow, my experience was that they all nursed for the first 4-5 months of a pregnancy (at which point, for some reason, my milk changes so much that they no longer want to nurse!), so I cannot speak for nursing through an entire pregnancy, but I did spend the first 4-5 months of being pregnant with twins and nursing.

It was exhausing, obviously, but my midwife was totally behind it and then when I had to switch to doctors, never had a problem from any of them. WHen I was pregnant with my second, I had a doctor that was very angry when I told him I was still nursing (which I never quite understood) and basically told me that I would become anemic and never replenish my iron levels. Fortunalty, I had done my research and knew this was not true. Needless to say, we have a new doctor!

I would say if you drink enough fluids, keep up on your prenatals (I was bad about this) and eat a lot of protein, which your body may already be telling you to (I remember having to eat 2 eggs as soon as I woke), you could keep it up. The only thing I was warned about was making sure I had enough iron, which was not a problem.

That's great that you are keeping your 1 year old close at night. Our 2 year old still occasionally crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night, and it is sweet to see her and her baby brothers all together in the morning. You are in for a real treat! Twins are a true blessing!

Hope this was helpful, if only to know you are not the only one!

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I too nursed until around 18 weeks into my twin pregnancy. At that point I weaned my then 12 month old as my milk had changed over and she started biting me (hard!) to stimulate let down. I am honestly glad that she weaned just before we discovered there were two as it would have weighed on my mind as it is weighing on yours.

I had no issues and carried my twins to 39 weeks.
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I am totally hooked on this way of communicating!!! Thank you for all the suggestions. I drink a FitSmart shake every morning for extra protein, etc. I like it because it does not have any of the things I refuse to eat (aspartame, etc.). I also take Floradix Iron + Herbs which is suppose to absorb a little easier. I get them both from our coop and feel good about my vitamins, as well. I think I will just keep nursing until she decides my milk is not so good or I start having contractions too early...... if either happen at all. I will say that as much as I am a fan of breast feeding, it is sort of uncomfortable to nurse while pregnant. Thank you, again.
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I nursed my daughter throughout my entire high risk (TTTS) multiple pregnancy, right in front of my perinatologist and ob, and neither one uttered anything other than support for it.

I think most people's milk dries up relatively early, but I had mine until almost the 3rd trimester.

I didn't do anything in addition to what I was already doing for the twin pregnancy. It was relaxing and comfortable. I suppose if I'd had a history of preterm labor I'd have been worried, but my body loves to cook 'em long (DD was over 2 weeks "past due", the boys were going strong at 36 weeks but I got very seriously ill so they were taken at 36 weeks).

So yep, it's doable. I would say listen to your instincts and be gentle with yourself though. It's not "wrong" to want a little space at some point. You're not weird if you don't.

Aside from the stress of the TTTS, my twin pregnancy was pretty much cake. No morning sickness, I suppose I was a little more tired, but since my daughter is 17 months older than my boys, I DID have a young toddler to chase around. Nursing was very nice, caused no problems at all, I have no regrets.
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I nursed through my first twin pregnancy and my son weaned when the babies were about 6 months old. Now I'm still nursing them (the first set of twins) and am 30 weeks pregnant with another set of twins. I carried the first set to just over 39 weeks. If there are no issues with PTL and you are eating very well it shouldn't be a problem!
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I nursed all through my twin pregnany and carried them to 40 weeks 1 day. I am still nursing them and pregnant again. For me nursing through pregnancy is PAINFUL. SO, SO PAINFUL. But as soon as the baby comes and my milk is in, things are fine. The search engine is disabled right now, but there have been a ton of threads just like this. I think I have answered this exact question at least 5 different times.
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I completely agree with the painful statement. I am determined to nurse as long as possible, but I have to say that sometimes sensitive does not even come close to what I am feeling. I also called a trusted lactation consultant and she said that although there is quite a bit of conflicting information, she believes that nursing is no more dangerous to a pregnancy than intercourse (specifically orgasms...). She said that as long as my doctor is not restricting intercourse (which has a similar affect on the uterus) then I should feel confident about continued nursing. Makes sense to me......
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