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show me how you set up one room for 2 kids

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we are downsizing and my 9 yearl old girl will have to share with her 2 1/2 year old brother...i have no idea how to set up a room for them, bunk beds come to mind...show me your cool creative space for your kids room or any sites that have really cool ideas...we will be renting so i doubt i can paint.
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I'm gonna lurk, since we really need to officially move the 5 year old in with the 8.

Bunk beds for sure, it's a huge space saver. Make the upper bunk for the older and create a clear rule that the younger can't go up the ladder. The older kid needs some space.

That's a tough age spread--9 is when kids really want privacy a bit and have their stuff just so.

Keep the stuff to a minimum. Perhaps have one dresser for one kid and the closet for the other.
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When my brother & I shared a room my parents put us in the master. They put the dressers in the middle of the room (each of ours facing our side) so that they basically divided the room in half each giving us our own space.
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You'll find lots of great ideas for shared rooms on ohdeedoh
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No pics since I'm at work, but our rooms are currently set up for 2 and in the future 4 kiddos. We are able to have 2 bunks in each room (currently don't due to age restrictions), and are working to get down to 0-1 dressers in each room by cutting down clothing. We're keeping only 10-14 outfits on hangers in the closet and everything else is put in storage. We also have bookshelves in the rooms for bedtime stories, but that's it. All their toys are in the playroom in the basement.
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We have three sons and they have two rooms. We put bunks in each so they could float around abit.

We ended up buying the cheaper Ikea bunks. I was worried they wouldn't really hold up well, but they have. They have a very small footprint and that was so important. A lot of bunks take up a huge amount of space and our rooms are small.

They have no finish so you could paint them any color you wish. We just left them plain to see how they wore. We actually like them that way.

We downsized all the toys and they have to go in the closet. Although we did have an under the bed storage thing. It had wheels and we had legos in it. We ended up using that under the couch instead for games and stuff we wanted to supervise better. Keeps all those important pieces from getting lost.
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Like this (though I should take new pics because there's even less in there now - like the puppet theater isn't there, nor the chair holding the bedrail in place, and things are switched around):




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Such good ideas!
My 4 year old ds and 2 year old dd will share a room in a few weeks when we move to a tiny apartment in Brazil. I bought them the same quilt in two different colors and we plan on bunking the beds.
Also the things they both love (ugly dolls, building blocks, etc...) will be in the shared space and I got them a few pop up hampers for the closet to store some of their own personal favorites. I got a few wall decals (chocolate brown bird house/tree/bird) to bring the whole room together too. Of course, this is all hypothetical as we haven't arrived yet
Ohdeedoh is great though!!
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I have 2 boys in 1 room and DS3 will be joining them when he's older. I have bunks on 1 side, and a single on the other. The rest is all play space.

I think it helps to ask yourself how you want the room to function and what the kids will actually use it for. I personally dislike putting clothes in a kid's room as right now my boys just wander into our room when they wake and I have to dress them anyway, and then they get their PJ's on right out of the shower. So I just keep their clothes in our room and we do a family closet. This gives them more useable space in their room to play. So depending on how much space you have in the rest of their house, you might want to set up a separate dressing area, or study area, or play zone, rather than trying to cram it all into their sleeping room.
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The thing I immediately thought of was making sure to have some types of higher storage that the toddler cannot reach for your dd.

Everyone else has so many ideas, that's the only thing I came up with
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Originally Posted by gottothinkpositive View Post
we are downsizing and my 9 yearl old girl will have to share with her 2 1/2 year old brother...i have no idea how to set up a room for them, bunk beds come to mind...show me your cool creative space for your kids room or any sites that have really cool ideas...we will be renting so i doubt i can paint.
Good for you guys for downsizing and making it work! We only fairly recently got a handle on our priorities in terms of our family and needs v. wants and what's enough. I never shared a room, only had 1 brother and everything was separate and fair and equal. Imagine my shock when I went to college! I wasn't/am not a brat, but it was definitely a lesson hard-learned to share *everything* with roomates and later with my family. I'm happy and proud that my kids can have their privacy of course, but can share rooms with each other (and want to!). I know your post wasn't looking for opinions or support on the theory of kids sharing rooms, but there ya go -- a vote of confidence.

Here are a couple pics of our youngest two's shared room, but in the fall Annie will be moving in with Lily, so they will have about the same age split as your kiddos and be sharing. I think the best things I have read/heard when maximizing a space are to think vertical and declutter, declutter, declutter!




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I just wanted to say keep it coming my dd is 6 and ds is 2 & I am thinking they need to bunk in together----in order to maintain an office/guest room--currently everyone is still in the master bedroom--but I'm looking to get that back!
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okay, here are the rooms as they are now with less stuff. I just had to get rid of some things that were just too much stuff in there.

I still need to work on the closet shelves and the dark brown dresser top - it looks quite a bit messy.

It's a 10x9 room in case I didn't mention it before.





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I have 3 kids in one room and we are about to downsize more (not out of choice). It is a small room. Maybe 11'x11' and they have a larger closet where all their clothes go in storage bins or on shelves and hangers. I also stash board games and large blocks in there.

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How did you get the stuffed animal holders to hang from the ceiling? We have some of those but can't figure out how to hang them.

Thanks for sharing everyone! I'm always up for ideas. We have some small bedrooms here and lots of kids sharing. Clothing storage will be the death of me, I'm sure of it!
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We already had hanging plant hooks in the ceiling and they velcroed? around easily. They also have 2 small bookshelves I don't know if you can see. The room they will have when we move in 2 weeks is maybe 9x9 with no closet (or so I'm told, we haven't seen it) so there will be more downsizing. Will post pics when I can next month.
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Originally Posted by Miss Information View Post
It's a 10x9 room in case I didn't mention it before.
I am impressed!! I would have thought that room was bigger because you have made it look so spacious! My dd's room is about 10x9 and we can barely move around in it! Now maybe it's the 4 story barbie doll house that "Santa" delivered not realizing how big it really is: or the other large items that have accumulated in there. You have inspired me!
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If you didn't want to to bunk beds, you could have twin beds on each side of the room with two bookshelves separating the room (one bolted to the wall and the other bolted to it to prevent tipping). That way it would create somewhat of a partition but not enough to take up the whole room.

On the backside of the bookshelves (since each child will be seeing their bookshelf, plus the back of their siblings' bookshelf) you could paint it with magnet paint, then paint it over the magnetic paint with chalkboard paint -- that way the backs of the bookshelves will have use -- both magnetic and chalkboard. in the bookshelf facing each child you could have baskets containing their toys, and of course, books.

A couple of floating shelves over each bed (make sure to put them high enough so the child won't bonk their head upon sitting up!) would provide more storage.

A small trunk in front of each bed could provide more storage and would provide seating.

If you can't paint, you can do removable wall decals like this and to add more privacy (your daughter most likely will want/need this more since she is entering pre-adolescence), something like this would be cool.

I like the hanging doodads from ikea -- keep in mind they are not only great for toys, but can be hung in a closet and can hold socks, undies, even clothes since your kids are still pretty small.

Good luck
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great ideas. My parents put 3 kids in one small room by putting a queen bed on stilts and a twin bed underneith, partially supported by a long dresser. The space in between the dresser and the wall as our "car cave," where we stored all of our barbie cars and fire trucks. Some nights we all ended up in one bed and other nights, the oldest would move down to the twin bed.

Before the third was born, my dad still had the queen bed up in the air and build bookshelves under it for toys. It created a play house for us. You could probably put a desk under there for your older kid.
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My two boys share a room. A fairly small room at that. When you walk into the room the wall opposite the door has a window. I have one bed on each side of the window. I have a tall, skinny shelf on each side of the room, at the end of each boy's bed.

The biggest space-saver for us: no dressers. DH put extra wire shelving in the closet and we purchased two small two-drawer dressers to go in there, on the floor, to put socks, underwear and pajamas in. Everything else gets hung up. This saves a TON of space so they can play.

We have a short book case on the short wall (between the door and the closet) to hold their books. Along the long wall I have 6 stackable containers, three on top, three on bottom with all their toys organized into it.

My boys are too young for bunk beds, but when they are old enough we'll do bunk beds and they'll have even more room - probably for a desk and chair.
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