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I should be grateful..

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But I'm just spooked..

My babies slept from 1am-9am. And I honestly don't really want that to happen again anytime soon. You would think I got a good nights sleep.. But I kept waking up around the times they usually nurse wondering if they were still alive! My boobs were so hard by the time they finally woke up. They went right down for a nap they nursed as well.. I know I shouldn't really be complaining. But I don't like this at all. I still feel full even though i nursed them for a good 20-30 mins and then pumped four ounces in 5 minutes.
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Its so hard the first time they sleep any decent chunk. You have to check on them every 10 mins.

If they keep doing it, your boobs adapt.
Congrats mama! I hope it keeps up and your boobs adapt. I would kill for 4 hrs sleep.
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LOL, I've BTDT once upon a time...just not this time. I'm currently nursing my one baby almost constantly around the clock. I'd love a 4hr chunk, but at this girl's frequent rate (more so than my others at 2wks), I'd also freak right now if she slept all night.

Hope you can enjoy some rest when given the chance.
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