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River is here!!!

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Corinna River was born at 3:53 pm yesterday weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz and measuring 19 inches. The hospital has her as 35 weeks 4 days but I think she was closer to 36 and some change. A healthy weight no doubt for coming early! We are thrilled! She'll be in the NICU through the weekend most likely due to low blood surgar and streaky lungs. We got to spend the first hour with her before they decided to take her and I got to nurse right away just like I had hoped but she was too sleepy to suck much.

My birth story:

I had planned a home birth with a midwife but was put on bedrest about 3 weeks ago for hypertension/pre-eclampsia. After trying a ton of different things to bring it down, my BP and proteinuria spiked on Monday so we made the decision with my doctor it was time for baby girl to be born. I was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night for cervical ripening and pit was started yesterday morning around 6. Dr. S wanted to break my water at 7 but I asked him to wait and let me labor for a while to see if my cervix would dilate. At 1:30 I still had not dilated past 2.5 cm so I gave Dr. S the go ahead. The contractions really intensified and I began having really bad back labor. Since I was not allowed out of bed due to my BP, it was really difficult coping with the back pain. I made it to almost 6 cm before deciding on the epidural and about an hour later she was born. It only took about 3 pushes to get her out. I had a small lip of cervix in the way that the nurse had to fix then I had to blow through about 5-6 pushy contractions while waiting on Dr. S. That was really hard because my whole body was screaming PUSH! Since the epidural hadn't been in for very long I never lost feeling in my legs or vajayjay so I felt her crowning and coming out of me. She came out crying and her Apgars were 8 and 9. It was pretty awesome! I only had a small tear that needed a few stitches. As far as induced hospital births go, my experience has been a pretty good one. I just wish I had my baby with me right now instead of her being in NICU. I'm pumping for her but have got nothing more than a few drops so far. Can't wait to get her home!!! DS, who's almost 5 is thrilled to be a big brother. He sang her a lullaby and it was very sweet.

Baby River
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I'm so glad that things went as well as they did! Congrats!
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Aww, what a sweetie! I'm so glad everyone is safe and healthy.
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Thank you for sharing your story! I'm so glad to hear she is doing so well and hope she comes home soon! I know it's hard - my 2nd was in NICU for a week.
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Congratulations!: Wow, she is totally beautiful.
Good job making the birth you didn't imagine still your own. That is an awesome accomplishment.
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Oh she is so cute and chunky! I'm glad the indunction went well and I bet you are feeling so much better! Hope she's out of NICU soon and helping you with your milk supply! Congratulations!!!
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Hurray!! Congratulations!! I'm glad things went smoothly under the circumstances even though it wasn't exactly what you had wanted. She's gorgeous!!
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She is beautiful! That's a good birth weight too.
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Congrats mama! (Are you the first of our DDC to deliver?)
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congrats mama!!!! : she is so beautiful!!!
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yaaaay congratz!! I am jealous! I can't wait to hold my lil one :
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Hey the first August baby:::

She is absolutely gorgeous....she looks like she is winking

I don't know anything about NICU (though I was in one for 3 months when I was born) but is there any way you can do kangaroo care and bf her there? Or does she have to stay in the incubators? I am sooo happy for you and even my dd1 who is 3 1/2 was all excited.....she thought it was my baby until I explained it to her
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Congrats!!!! She is beautiful!!! :
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Congrats!!! She's adorable and I love the sly little wink:
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Aww congratulations! That is a great weight for that gestation... awesome! I love her pic, so cute... it looks like she's winking at us
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Congrats! She's so beautiful!
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Congratulations!! Nice work growing such a good sized, healthy babe. My DD was only 6pounds 10 ounces at 38.5 weeks!
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Our first August baby! :Congrats to you. I'm glad to hear you and baby are doing great. You're in my prayers.
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Congratulations! She's beautiful!!!
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She is so cute!!! She looks like she is winking to let you know everything is alright. hehe. I hope they let you have lots of snuggle time in the NICU while she is there.
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