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Is 13 too young to get a nose piercing? - Page 4

Poll Results: Should I let my 13yr.old pierce her nose?

  • 36% (86)
    Yes, why not?
  • 55% (130)
    No. Please explain why not.
  • 7% (17)
    Other. Please explain.
233 Total Votes  
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I would definitely allow it, unless she's not at the same maturity level of most kids her age and wouldn't take care of it properly. I know my sister's daughter had hers done at 13, and two lip rings and took care of all of them perfectly (probably was better than I was with mine at 21 ) I think at 13 kids are old enough to make choices about piercings. It's not permanent like a tattoo and it doesn't leave a huge mark. And besides, even piercing your ears leaves a little mark, so what's the difference between that and a nose/lip piercing?
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I voted 'other' just because of the wording of the poll question. If the question had been 'Would you let YOUR daughter get her nose pierced at 13 yrs old?' I would have voted 'no'. But I don't know what you should do for your dd because every parent will have a different opinion about what is ok.

We have told our dd that we will not give our permission for any piercings other than her ears so if she wants them, she needs to wait until she doesn't need parental permission. We just really feel that anything like that needs to be purely her decision and to us that means being at the age that parental permission is no longer required.
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There was a great article in Mothering a few years ago about a mother allowing her daughter to get her navel pierced and the process the mom faced in coming to that conclusion. I'll see if I can dig it up online. It is really worth the read!

I would allow it if I felt like my dd could handle it. She is 13 now and I don't think she could do it at this point. Here, most everyone I know takes their kids to get their ears done at a professional shop that is very well know for their professionalism and cleanliness. Some piercers do it some don't because they are uncomfortable with children. I think that is fair!

I have my nose pierced and I am a teacher (both kids and college level) and I have never been asked about, asked to remove it, or even had anyone say anything about it.
It must district to district...
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I wouldn't allow it at that age and only because I believe kids are being pressured/brain washed into thinking they are adults at younger and younger ages. We need to stop allowing these kids to grow up so fast.

I guess I have some "old school grandma" in me.
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I would say that as long as she knows the commitment required to properly take care of it and is fully aware of the negative things that can happen because of it then it is her body. That being said, I am all for looking at pictures of infected piercings and things like that online before she does it. Personally I have had 2 liprings a nose ring a vertical labret and a nipple ring and have had them all done in very clean and safe places. Even with that precaution I ended up with a bacterial infection that entered my bloodstream after getting my 2nd lip ring. It had nothing to do with the place that did it, it was most likely caused by unsanitary conditions in a resteraunt I ate in after geting it. Infections can happen no matter how careful she is and she should know the possible outcomes....

Oh & for what its worth you can't tell I had my nosering at all.

for the oposite viewpoint my hubby thinks I'm a crazy piercing loving freak and in his exact words "a 12 year old is stupid and you are responsible for a 12 year old because it is stupid" He's not quite as open to accepting children as capable humans as I am...
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I wouldn't let my 13 y.o. get her nose pierced. She's asked, just because she was curious, and I said I have no problem with it all when she's 18 and she's on her own. I even think they're pretty. But not until she's an adult and can make that decision on her own. I prefer to be conservative when I make decisions for her.

And I'm open to changing my mind when she's older.
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I think I'd be fine with a small nose piercing. Not through kind that goes between the nostrils, but the kind that goes on one side. I think they are kind of pretty. I would talk to her about all of the issues that go along with piercing, and I hope she doesn't choose to get one because our church counsels against any piercings other than one in each ear, but in the end, I think I would leave that one up to her, because, after all, there are a lot of worse things she could be doing.
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I voted wrong, so subtract one of those "no" votes and add a "yes" vote.

Furthermore, are we seriously using potential unemployment at amusement parks as reasons to not allow a nose piercing?

If you seriously don't think her grades are high enough, say no. If you think she held up to her end of the bargain or that you can't really argue how she hasn't, keep your word.

Your word is more important than a nose piercing, IMO.

Beyond that, I think 13 is a highly appropriate age to pierce one's nose. She's officially a teen and so I woulnd't have a problem with it, myself.

The most important things about this, IMO, are:

1. Take her to a good piercer, not a gun-user.
2. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
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I see alot of extreme here. interesting to me.
this is a nose piercing that i assume is not going to include anything large and flashy. I dont even notice them around town anymore. People of every profession in this area have them. retail, grocery, drs, nurses, teachers, i could go on. Now i do notice other facial piercings. It is not too uncommon to see a small ring on the lip, or eyebrow, but not nearly as often.

I am in a smaller conservative community too. I expected that we see less than many other places would.

And for what its worth, the nose piercing is one of the best to heal. Not fastest, as the tounge heals faster, but it is not one I would put extra worry into like a surface piercing. Many teens get thier navel pierced and it is much much longer and more difficult to heal.
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So, I'm just curious here. . .why is getting your ears pierced okay, but your nose not okay? They both take cleaning, they both hurt a bit when being done, they both should be done by a professional piercer, they both can get caught on towels or become infected, they are both putting holes in the body that might leave a little pretty much not noticable scar. . .so why is one okay and not the other??
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Originally Posted by Individuation View Post
I'm also in one of the career centers of the world, so if it's fine with NYC employers I'm not going to cry into my beer that my child might not get hired at the Orange Julius in Terre Haute or something.

I mean, sure. Low-status and menial jobs (many of which I've had; I'm not making classist statements here, just being factual) do often dictate things about appearance; uniforms, hairstyle, etc. We'll all take our piercings out and wear the stupid smock if we're working at Walmart.

Somehow inferring from this that they are "unacceptable" is both strange and, I'd imagine, quite funny to the many middle-aged, conservative Indian women with nose piercings AND PhDs that I've run across.

Rather than worry about an innocuous piercing, why not raise your children with the skillset to enable them to write their own ticket? There seem to be some very low expectations on this thread.
I believe that the "low-status and menial jobs" would be what a typical teenager just entering the workforce would be doing. Beyond that and in a more professional position, DH is in finance/banking and there is no way he would be employable if he had facial piercing and/or visible tattoos. Some types of employment require a very conservative and professional appearance.

You seem very defensive about the opinions in my post but seem to have missed this part.

I would definitely allow my child to pierce their nose.
Hell! I have blue hair. LOL
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I just wanted to add something: that at 13, kids are really into what everyone else has, and oftem one piercing leads to another.

I got my belly button, then my nose then my tongue and spent alot of money on the piercings, tattoo parlors and all the jewelry. So be prepared to pay through the nose- haha. I liked my jewelry to be 14k or match my clothes. But that's just me.

And for what it's worth, I miss my nose the most. And what to get it done again. Because like pp said some jobs don't like piercings. And I know I was turned down for jobs bc I had mine pierced. Although I usually worked at offices and the like( neat appearance required, with a lot of older people as clients)

I ended up taking mine out for another job and got lazy about putting it back in, because you have to twist it and everything into place. Unless you have a post, which in my opinion come out easily. Alas, I digress. Needless to say I was very into my body jewelry and ended up tossing my stash after all the holes were gone. Now the tattoos I have, a whole different story.

Aahh, to be 13. I would probably ask her to wait until she can pay for everything herself.
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I said no. It's her nose, and at that age she's ready to start making decisions like that. I would not let a 13 year-old get a tattoo, but that's permanent. A nose piercing closes up.
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This is tough. I said no and i'm not even happy with that, because as a few people have said before, it's only because of society and no one would care if it were her ears.

But, 13 is such a unique age. It's right at the point where a young women is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants in life and i known that for me, my interests in fashion and appearance changed drastically from when i was 13 to when i turned 14. Yes nose pearcings heal but not without a scar and even the tiniest of scars can make a girl (or woman for that matter) self conscious. So i would say wait one more year at least.

Oh, and I forgot, the reason why this is really tough is if you say no she might then go to some shady piercer that doesn't require ID. When i was 16 i wanted my navel pieced but my parents wouldn't let me so I had it done by this guy who pierced a friend of mine and he did it in his car with me laying down in the seat. Everything was sterilized and the needle was new (i saw him take it out of the package) and he had gloves on but when he went to put it through he didn't do it fast enough, and pushed it like 4 or 5 times. It felt like he was digging in my skin. I even started to cry. It was aweful and even though i cleaned it well every day, about 3 months later it ended up getting this huge blister and i had to take it out. The scar is really ugly...
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honestly? i think if she can take care of it why not. i had a friend in highschool who did it and she ended up taking it out b/c everyone kept thinking it was a pimple.. not to mention stuff kept sticking to it. lol
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I said no, but I guess that would depend on the circumstances. We have freinds who's DD wanted a nose piercing when she was fourteen. They told her to wait for a year and if she still wanted it they would pay for it and have it done at a salon of thier choice (so that they knew that it was reputable). She has since decided that she doesn't really want one after all. I guess my reaction would be similar.
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I'm curious about the advice against piercing guns. Is the advice the same for ears? When DD had her ears pierced (with a gun) we had so many problems.
Please explain. What type of piercing implement should I look for when having the side of her nose pierced?
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I said no, but I meant yes (I was answering the thread title instead of the poll question. I might not have been the only one to do that.)

Anyhow. . .it's her nose. Would you let her get her ears pierced? Is there a difference?
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Originally Posted by chiromamma View Post
I'm curious about the advice against piercing guns. Is the advice the same for ears? When DD had her ears pierced (with a gun) we had so many problems.
Please explain. What type of piercing implement should I look for when having the side of her nose pierced?
The piercer who pierced my nose told me that guns damage tissues (guns take a blunt object and force it through the skin, whereas piercers use a very sharp needle) when you use them and they are way more likely to get infected. Here's more info I found online about it.



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i didn't read the other replies so maybe i'm repeating something. i put no, i think that 13 is too young, i wouldn't let my dd get it done at 13. not sure why i think that though. that being said i'm taking my 15 yo dd to get her nose pierced so i don't have objections to piercings ...

if she is responsible and will take care of the piercing (mine took close to a year to heal properly), then i might consider it.
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