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Another Girl!!!

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That makes three for us! Just popping in to say I had my baby yesterday morning at 7 45 am. Labor started around 5 30 am and she was born in the birthing pool in my kitchen while my 22 month old slept upstairs (how she slept through all that, I have NO idea) and my 3 year old watched Dora in the next room with my mom. My husband, doula and midwife were with me. 8lbs 5oz and 19.5" and her name is Adeline Tietjen :

Congratulations to all the Mamas who have had their babies already and to all of those who haven't yet
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Congratulations!!! What a quick labour!
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Welcome baby Adeline!
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Yay for quick labors!!!!!!!!!!
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That's amazing!! : congrat!!
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Wow! :
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Congratulations mama!!!

We were going to use Adeline if this little guy was a girl! Love it.

Welcome little one too!!!
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Hurray! Congratulations on a quick birth and healthy babe!:
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Congrats! Adeline is a beautiful name!
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Congratulations Mama! I have a good friend with 3 little girls and they have the best times together
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lovely name! congratulations, mama!
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congrats! sounds like the short sweet labor we all hope for!
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats and welcome Adeline!
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Congrats! I can only dream of such a fast labor!!!
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