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Favorite Dairy Free Meals *recipe's please*

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My boys and I are dairy free, daddy is not. Its so hard for me to eat beans and rice without sour cream Im trying to meal plan and cook from scratch and its hard

Also what kind of recipes for sauces do you all have? And marinades?


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hugs. I'm not dairy free, but dh and dd are gluten free - so I am also. (I'm nursing.) Can DH keep dairy out of the house? If not, I suggest buying less. If you're cooking - keep it dairy free.

Recipes - try Karina's Kitchen - she has a bunch of vegan recipes. Also, scour vegan books, sites to come up with ideas - you can always change things to add back in things you can eat.

Marinades - pesto's and sundried tomatoes pack a serious punch. Full herbs - coriander, cumin, anise, chili powder, cover your food. It's all in the taste. Make gravies - fat, flour, water, spices and you can have wonderful gravies - I bet you can find one that will go with your beans too.

I'm sorry, I don't have more info.
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Check out The Milk Free Kitchen this is one of the BEST cookbooks I have ever owned DF or otherwise!
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mock quesadillas

milk free tortilla (yes lots of tortilla have milk heated lightly on stove or in oven
replace cheese with mashed avacodo or guacamole
add any other topings desired

Annies DF dressings have been a life saver when I meed a fast toping or dip
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For milk replacers:
use replacers one for one with milk (so if a recipe calls for 1 c milk, just sub 1 cup of a substitute)

rice milk or soy milk for savory items, like mashed potatoes. Pretty much any other milk that isn't sweet or has a strong flavor can be subbed into savory items.
Almond milk or soy milk or coconut milk for sweet items (cakes muffins, etc).

I've heard that coconut cream can be subbed for regular dairy cream. (the solids that separate in a regular coconut milk can--put in fridge overnight, then open and voila--two easily separated substances).

I have a really yummy recipe for dairy free rice pudding, if you want it. I was finally able to eat my fave sweet after years of denying myself.

For a cheesy/creamy texture: avocado, purreed veggies (purreed veggies in soup, even a bisque, can completely sub for dairy), melted marshmallows for sweet dishes.

Coconut oil works really well in sweet baked goods that call for butter, and it's healthier than hydrogenated vegie oil. Oh, and for creamyness in beans, add in some fat, like bacon grease or lard. I know it sounds gross, but the creamiest, yummiest refried and boiled beans I've had have some lard or bacon grease in them. You can neutralize the flavor of bacon grease by:
1) saving up a good amount (like a cup)
2) gently melting
3) placing it in a pot with 1 or 2 cups of water
4) simmering the mixture (some little bubbles) for 15 to 30 min.
5) take pot off stove to cool completely,
6) then take off hardened grease and store in whatever you like. Personally, I like old jam jars.

The fat at this point should be white. If there are large particles in your saved up grease, pour the liquid fat (after step 2) through a few layers of cheesecloth, then continue.

This will give you a good, clean stores forever type of fat to cook with beans to give you that creamy mouthfeel you are missing.

eta: I have been off dairy for 13 years due to intolerances. All of the above are good subs, but remember that subs are not going to give you the exact same taste as dairy would, if that is what you were after. Personally, I like baking with almond milk, I find it gives some extra flavor dimensions that milk doesn't. The one area where I find dairy subs lacking is ice cream, so I just stay with fruit sorbets (naturally dairy free) instead of suffering from chalky ickyness, lol.

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I recently found a blog called "Yeah, That Vegan Sh*t" (sorry I'm at work and feel weird about typing a swear word!). I don't have the exact link, but you could Google it. She has some awesome vegan recipes. I'm vegan, my hubby is not but he's really liked the recipes I made from that website.
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All of our recipes are dairy free, since one kid is allergic and the other has a sensitivity.

Our plans for this week are:
tilapia, stir fried veggies, pasta - its breaded tilapia that I'll serve with tartar sauce I make (I can post the recipe later, its at home), whatever veggies sound good sauteed in olive oil, ginger and honey. I haven't decided on the pasta yet but probably just some seasonings and olive oil.

Grilled chicken salads - the boys will actually have homemade chicken nuggets instead since they're not big salad eaters. I just cut up some chicken breasts, dip in rice milk, then in bread crumbs with seasonings and bake.

Quesadillas - the boys eat plain bean ones.

Tomato/hamburger casserole - this is actually a new one so I don't want to recommend it unless it turns out good.

Sweet & spicy kielbasa - this a new one as well, I'll probably make a few that aren't sweet and spicy in case the boys don't like it. Served over rice with a salad on the side.

Sweet & sour chicken legs and fried rice - this one's really good. Again, I don't have the recipe for exact amounts, but its onion soup mix, brown sugar and ketchup poured over drumsticks. The rice I just fry cooked rice with some veggies, scramble a couple eggs in it and add a little soy sauce.
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