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congratulations! may these days be full of bliss!
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I hope I look that triumphant when my lo finally decides to come.

Beautiful! Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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Congratulations!!!! :

Yay UC!
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:How wonderful!! Congratulations!!
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Welcome baby Lillian!
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Congratulations!! :
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Cool pix! : Congrats!
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Sounds wonderful! Congrats mama and welcome to you little one!
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That first picture is awesome! Congrats on your little girl!
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Beautiful! Congratulations!
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Beautiful! Glad to hear everything is going well!!!
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Lillian is beautiful! Congrats! :
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Congrats! You look soooooo happy in that pic!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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: I just have chills and tears from seing that first picture! How great is that look on your face??? What a little doll you have there!!!

Congrats, momma!!
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