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help! pre-birth tmi question....

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i have hemorrhoids already. is there anything i can do before going into labor?

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ugh I feel your pain! I had a bout of rhoids last month and my midwife gave me a long list of things to try. I'm not sure which ONE of them did the trick or which combo but maybe you can try something and get some relief?

#1 Water, water, water. Half your weight in ounces of water per day. Yes.

#2 Fiber. I know you're eating veggies, but do what you can to make
your stools well-formed and soft. Not small hard balls, not loose
diarrhea. Well-formed means sizeable but not hard and not liquidy.
Sorry for the graphic description, but some people don't know what
good stool is--and yes, Virgina, it does exist. So, add dried fruit
to your diet. A handful per day. Dried apples, pears, peaches,
apricots, bananas, all mixed together. Oatmeal for breakfast,
including some dried fruit and nuts. Whole wheat breads. Even more
lettuce. Prunes can be good but I'd hold off on them if you're not

#3 Homeopathic Hamamelis in a 30C dose. Take as directed on the
bottle. You can get this at the HFS This can be a very effective remedy for hemorrhoids.

#4 Tucks pads--but leave them in your crease. That's what they mean
by the name, "Tucks". Tuck them in there between your cheeks and
leave them until the next time you go to the bathroom--or sooner if
you need to. Use them to wipe after a bowel movement--or at least use
some kind of wet-wipe.

#5 Grated raw potato as a compress.

#6 Put your feet up! Higher than your heart!

#7 And then, make sure you take a brisk walk every day for 30
minutes. Sound familiar? The exercise will help improve circulation,
which is what is being impeded right now and causing the hemorrhoid to
get bad. AND, don't sit on your butt for more than an hour at a time.
Get up and walk around for 10 minutes every hour to improve blood

#8 Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids--at least 500mg per day (and it *has*
to include bioflavonoids). You can go up as high as 3000mg of Vitamin
C per day if you like.

#9 Rutin, either in a tincture or homeopathic form.

#10 You can make an infusion of Red Clover and/or Nettles. 1 ounce
of herb to 1 quart of boiling water and then steep for 2 hours. Drink
between 1 cup and 1 quart per day, every day.

#11 If all else fails, go get some Anusol at the store and use it.

Also, WishGarden makes a nice hemorrhoid sitz bath and balm. Plus a
tincture for varicosities.
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wow! thano you so much! i will try anything! i know how bad they were after my last birth, i can't imagine going into birth with them!!!!!

so i will get on this!
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got my first ever this week too, I put a bottle of witch hazel in the fridge and just applied it to a make up pad and tucked it in a couple times a day - that helped a lot. Also watched what I ate to avoid any constipation... it took about 3 days for it to go away, but it was probably pretty minor too. good luck!
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Ugh, i have them too! the thing that has helped the most has been swimming in the pool. I also started using Anusol HC, which my MW suggested.
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As if you really need me to tell you, but I would strongly recomend doing all you can to releive them before birth. I got a bad case of them the day before I went into labor. I wish I had done more witch hazel and grated potato before I went to bed. The good news is after her head and that weight was out of my belly they were gone....

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