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WOW!!! Crazy fast, after such a long wait.

Congratulations and welcome to your little Fiona!!!!!

I'm so happy for all of us June mamas!!! :
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Yay Mama!!! I hear you on the short and intense labor, can't wait to see pics if you have some to share - I'm so happy she is here!
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Congratulations!! You worked so hard and persevered through so much. I really respect all that you accomplished and I hope you're proud!

Welcome, Fiona!
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Originally Posted by kltroy View Post
Yay!!! Can't wait to see some baby pictures! (Though your very brief story begs the question... do you (or your butt) wish you'd skipped the castor oil and gone straight to breaking your water? )

Anyway, congrats!!:
yeah, after all the attempts. I'm glad my midwife was willing to do that is home too.
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Congratulations! She's so sweet!
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Yay! Congrats!
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I have to say, Fiona is one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. She is truly beautiful - Congratulations!
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wow christine ! congrats! : I'm so happy we both made it and finally had our babies
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she's beautiful!!! congrats mama!!:
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Hooray! Congratulations. Your girl is a beauty!
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oh my!! She is GORGEOUS! Welcome
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She is beautiful, congratulations!!
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She has just beautiful eyes!
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