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Pagan Summer Camp: Week One

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Calling all campers!

Pagan Summer Camp: Week One: The Pagan Home Management Binder!

Monday: Overview and Title & Cover of Your Binder

I'm going to get us started here with an overview of the binder and today's assignment/lesson. I hope you all will share your questions, comments, pictures, suggestions and wisdom!!

The Pagan Home Management Book is precisely what it sounds like: a book that will help your family organize all the work of managing a pagan home. It will cover all the responsibilities and work you feel running a home and family requires and it will help you bring your spirituality into your everyday.

The manual labor of running a family is blessed work. From doing the dishes to planning holiday traditions, the work we do builds our life and teaches our children.

Each family's book will be different, as the contents will reflect each family's priorities and unique spirituality. For some of us, the book will likely be a solitary endeavor---built, loved and used by just one person. For others, it's a family task to keep the book on track and focused.

The first thing to do is to sit in meditation and focus on what you want the book to be for you and your home. What are your priorities? Where do you need more concrete help in organization or incorporating spirituality? If you wrote a how-to of your daily life, what would it look like? What would be the title?

Today, you should start to think about what, if any, title you want to give your book. Imagine that the binder will contain the mechanics of your home labors (lists of groceries & phone numbers, calendars and menu plans, your most oft-used chants and spells) as well as goals and inspiration to shape the future of your family and home. Perhaps you want to title your book after your home. Does your home have a name? Or maybe just your family name (that's what I used) or the name of your favored goddess or your craft name.

Here is a great page about naming your home:

Work on your cover page to slip into the cover of your binder. It can be a piece of your own art work, a collage of images from a magazine, maybe just some text with your books title or your families name. You can also decorate the spine of your binder with it's title. Don't worry about boxing yourself in----you can always change this out. I'm thinking about changing the cover and spine on a seasonal basis, actually.

If you are able & interested, go ahead and take a picture of your books cover and share it here with us!
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Yay! this is awesome, i am going to go work on it now. Thanks for this dawning mama, it looks like you put a lot of work into planing this, it is so helpful to see it layed out like this.
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: Happy Monday and first day of camp, everyone! :

I'm still playing catch-up now that I'm back from a wonderful family vacation, so thank you so much dawningmama for getting us started.

One question you all may have in starting this week is "Why would I want a Home Management Binder, anyway? Do I actually need this?"

I created my first Home binder a few years ago. As you can see from my signature, life can get pretty busy around here. My kids crave routines, though I am a go with the flow girl. Also, when a crisis hits, I can get burned out and need grounding, but I'm quite stubborn about asking for help, always worried that I'll spend all the help time explaining needs. For that alone, the binder has been wonderful. The answers to most questions are right there:
  • What's for dinner tonight?
  • Who has what practice today?
  • What day do you have PTO again?
  • Which meds do the kids need?
  • Um, what time do I give the meds to them?
  • Where are the contractor's plans?
  • What's the budget looking like this month?
  • And More

Having things organized and easy to find has been awesome, and I have now expanded my binder collection to six, three of which are IEP binders.

So as not to be overwhelming at the start of this week, I'll focus on my Home Management Binder for now. I will actually be reworking and revamping mine as we go along this week right along with everyone.

For my Home binder sections I have:
  1. Emergency Info (contact numbers, etc)
  2. Child Find ID Cards (included in our school picture packages)
  3. Health Summary Page for each child (I have the forms but they are incomplete -- need to do this)
  4. Weekly Schedule & Appoinments
  5. Daily Routines (afterschooling/summer schooling @ home and plans for creating a social skills playgroup with a modified version of our routine)
  6. Meal Planning
  7. Home Keeping
  8. Budget/Finance
  9. Household Projects
  10. Activities (like sports, music lessons, clubs)
  11. Notes Section

Some resources that I have used or referred to while creating my various binders --

Forms to print for free:
Pictures and Examples of Working Binders
A retail version of a home management binder. It looks awesome (and has good ideas), but we can make ours for free!
I LOVE organizing and doing big decluttering, but I hate the day to day cleaning and slack there a lot. This is one of the areas I'm working on revamping in camp. My hope is that by making this area more a part of my whole self (by incorporating my spirituality) I will become more at one with my home.
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You may notice as this week goes on that dawningmama's and my portions of the class come from different angles. I often worry that my geeky self gets stuck in the nuts and bolts and therefore I could lose the grace of conversation in type. However, when dawningmama and I were working together on making binders recently (I was creating a Personal Growth Binder, she a Home Management Binder), we made that work to our advantage. My piece became more of the DIY/How To of creating a binder that provides as much organization (and relief of chaos) as possible, and dawningmama's was how to infuse it with one's personal, spiritual side to provide the maximum harmony possible.

ETA This week's basic outline:

Monday -- Overview of the how & why of a binder
Tuesday -- Binder Crafting & Binder Examples/Walkthroughs to see what is possible
Wednesday -- Rituals, Spells, etc and their place in the binder
Thursday -- Family involvement
Friday -- Goal Setting, being Pagan, ideas on how to use your book during camp
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Great stuff! I'm printing out like a mad woman.

oh, but the link in the first post didn't work for me...
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Try this:

I think dawningmama's was accidentally truncated.
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I love the links!

Thinking, thinking about my cover...

Oh I will have fun tomorrow at the store!!! :

I can start to *see* my binder in my head!

Thank you both!!!
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I was just pointed towards this thread by a friend from another board and I am SOOO excited to be here! I am living with my parents currently, but am moving any day now out on my own with my two kiddos!.

What auspicious timing!

Thank you FullofGrace and dawningmama!
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Man, finally MDC is back up. I've been freaking out and going through withdrawal ALL day!

YEAHNESS for pagan camp! Great start ladies!
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Huzzah!!!!!!!!!! Yay for the first day of camp!

I was soooo excited to get started and then mdc was down ALL DAY! Ack and yack spittal! I'm comin' right back after dinner! :
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<-- That kid who wakes up late the first day of camp, because she forgot that it wasn't school and she actually wanted to be there.
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I've been trying MDC all day- I'm so ready to start my binder. It should be interesting, we are trying to sell this house now, and will start construction on our new one in a few weeks.
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Wow, awesome links and ideas...thank you!
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I'm very excited about this! I already know what to call mine!
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: For summer camp!... er winter camp for me I guess LOL :

Neat link on magical home names The house we rent came with a name... a kitchy little frog plaque above the front door proclaiming it 'Serenity Cottage' which I thought was lovely. We may not have the cottage forever.. but the name may travel on with us

I've planned to do a binder like this for ages (ala flylady) but never followed thru, so hopefully the pagan angle will keep my flighty Gemini self interested!
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Just wondering: have you/are you involving the kiddos or a DP if applicable?
DH knows I am doing this but I haven't involved him but probably should.
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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
I've planned to do a binder like this for ages (ala flylady) but never followed thru, so hopefully the pagan angle will keep my flighty Gemini self interested!
I actually got one started.... and then stopped..... I'll blame it on my birthday!

So, here's to my anal personality. Today it's just the name and the cover, right? I'm excited!
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Gee, did all our energy crash the server? Glad it wasn't for too long!

Which name do you like?

Hawn Creek Hallow

Goat's Gulch

Heron's Hollow

Hawn Creek House

What are other good words for a hilly area with a creek running through it?

Cheers, fellow camp goddesses!
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happy camp everyone!

so, i'm not drawn to the binder idea at all... reminds me too much of not so great times for me. is the idea that there are going to be things all during camp that we'll put in them? if that's the case, i think i'll sew myself a bag instead...

it's ironic that "summer" camp starts today. i'm in the cozy kitchen, stirring pots of pudding and potatoes, just as if it were fall! i'm so over summer. lol.
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Binders are absolutely not a requirement, but you can also just keep a journal or a regular notebook if you'd prefer. Some will be making this their Book Of Shadows, others an organization tool, and others a note-taking system for camp (but prettied up and crafty. lol)

So whatever you feel will work best for you and will enjoy most.
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