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night time indigestion...what can you do to fix it?

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The last three nights I've woken up with horrible indigestion...you know the kind where nasty acid stuff is actually coming up in your throat? Yuck!

I tried a glass of milk and that didn't work. I thought I remembered hearing something about Tums being good and bad, so I haven't run out to buy any of that yet. I propped myself up with two pillows and that seemed to help, but I had to stop because it hurt my neck.

Anyone have any natural indigestion remedies?
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I dont know about tums being bad, but I do know that they've helped me through some bad indegestion. I've only used them a couple of times because like you, I wasnt sure, but they worked better than milk or sleeping upright.
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You can try a glass of water with a spoonfull of baking soda mixed with it. It's gross, but it works!

I also try not to eat past 6pm. Including drinking too- helps with the up all night runs to pee.

Papaya helps with tummy acid also.
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I take Tums sometimes and I also have success when I chew a handful of almonds as much as I can and swallow them. But mostly I just try to avoid pasta and bread at all costs. Those two things give me the worst heartburn.

Oh...and Trader Joes name brand shredded wheat gave me heartburn for DAYS!:
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i can't figure out WHAT exactly gives me such bad heartburn... sometimes i am convinced it's fruit, or maybe oatmeal. at any rate, the papaya tablets are the ONLY thing that have worked for me - and i have had that horrible chest pain indigestion that you are talking about that is almost unbearable!
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I take papaya enzymes after dinner, and try to sleep propped up as much as possible. Also, if it's really bad I pop a couple of tums right before bedtime as well. good luck!
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Thanks, I may be nuts about the Tums thing...I thought I remembered hearing something about Tums but of course I can't remember what it was or where I read it.

I thought about Papaya tablets, my grandmother used to have those around. I remember reading that unripe papaya is bad when pregnant, but I'm assuming the tablets would be fine right?

Thanks everyone!
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I eat a ridiculous amount of tums. I can't help it. It helps so so much and I feel so much better.

But, I mean, I don't eat more than the recommended dose. But some days I probably almost hit it.

If there is bad news about tums, someone please tell me!
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papaya enzymes are supposed to be better, tums can cause calcification on the placenta.

but papaya takes to long and tums help right away. I have had that problem since early on in the pregnancy. I keep a full glass of water next to the bed, along with tums. I try the water first and then if it is to bad and that doesn't help i will chew one tubs.

i have been dealing with it so long that I just kind of get used to it.

i have noticed that if i eat ice cream of have a bowl of cereal before bed i get it worse, so i am thinking for me the trigger is dairy.
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Loads of papaya enzymes or dries papaya by the bed helps me a lot.
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I don't have a cure to recommend, unfortunately, but I do find sugar and carbs to be a trigger.
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Last night I had meatloaf for dinner, and that's what was trying to come up in the middle of the night. Yuck!

I do tend to have ice cream a lot, so it could be the dairy. And sugar, having a lot of that lately too unfortunately. I have not eaten as well with the pregnancy as I did with my first.

Thanks for the info, guys!
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I'm Tums dependant too! I take one Pepcid a day and then Tums as needed. Unfortunately, this baby is way high up and the meds do not seem to be helping the reflux. I have a short torso, so I guess she doesn't have room to go anywhere else right now.

The other day we were in the car and I was feeling really crummy- making gas faces, I suppose. DH said "Would you knock it off? You're making me ill listening to you!" GRRRRR
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My MW said Tums are fine to take but don't take Rolaids. They have Magnesium hydroxide in them which she said interferes with the absorption of folic acid and iron.

On a side note I wish I had know that during my last pregnancy I popped Rolaids like they were going out of style! Seriously! :
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Originally Posted by BakerALM View Post
My MW said Tums are fine to take but don't take Rolaids.
Ah, maybe that's what I was thinking! Pregnancy brain is a bad thing, LOL!

I had a better night last night...I only felt slight indigestion when I sat up to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and right after I laid down, but it went away. Instead of indigestion I was treated to some crazy clawing and elbowing from the baby in the middle of the night. I'd rather feel that.
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Tums for me!
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Tums don't seam to work for me so I chew a peice of minty gum...usually Arctic Chill.

This helps and I keep it through out the night so if I wake an feel heartburn I just chew it a few times and go back to sleep.

I have not choked on it or lost it in bed yet and this is all that has worked on all 3 pregnancies.
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Drinking something alkalizing, like a glass of lemon or lime water solves the problem for me. Anything alkalizing will work, it's said.
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It used to be just chocolate, bbq sauce and tomato sauce that gave me heartburn. Now, it is everything including saltines, water and air!!!
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On the Tums front, I'd like to recommend the Cocoa and Creme ones....they are delicious! And I figure if you've got to eat chalk, it might as well be chocolate flavored:
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