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when do babies learn to sing?

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my baby loves music and he loves when i or his papa sings to him or when his papa plays guitar and he has recently started singing with us! he sings gibberish for the most part but he is holding the tune! it is soo cute and fun. he is also saying a few words which is fun. so when do babies normally learn to sing? it is not anything i thought about until recently when he started doing it. music is a really big part of my life and his papas life so i have hopes he will have the same love of music we have and so far he seems to.:
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That's so neat, moonfroggy! My LO (almost one) loves music too (as do her parents), and has for a long time. She's been "singing" for a few months already, but only carrying a tune occasionally and in small pieces. Her cousin who just turned two can carry a tune perfectly, so I'm curious to see if she develops that more in the next year. How old is your baby?
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DD is 22 months and now likes to sing a bunch of different songs, but it's only very recently she's been able to sing along.
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my son it 8 months. when i say he carried a tune i mean it was obvious he was trying to and sorta did it although not all that smoothly. it was really shocking and cute. most days my dp plays guitar for our son and it is their special bonding thing and i sing to him allll the time.
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My 11 month old does this high sort of whining sound to music...it's cuter than I'm making it sound But no recognizable tune just yet. He's very responsive, though and also dances a little..
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My mom 'taught' Tom to "sing" when he was 10-11months. She'd sing ah-ah-AHHH.... and he'd repeat it. Now, he'll do slightly more complicated tone sequences (though it's still not really singing).

The funniest is his full body dancing... I forgot how heart-meltingly cute it is!
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i am really looking forward to seeing my son dance. i have a feeling he will take his time and not do it for quiet a while. i dance with him all the time though when he is in a carrier and i am trying to clean up
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hey there!

dd likes to bob up and down with us and to take turns hand smacking the table with us, she's got great rhythm for a baby!

i don't know the answer to your question, but it sounds super cute...
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