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How can you tell if baby's head is down?

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Her head was down as of last week, but I am not too sure today it just doesn't feel quite as full and tight. Is there a way to tell?
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Good question. Every time I go to my MW, they feel here and there and note the position. You should see me at home trying to get my husband to tenderly "recreate" to see if he can feel anything. Ha ha.

On a more serious note, I wonder the same thing. For the last couple of visits, the baby has been head down, and I have been feeling very specific movements in a very specific area. This week, the feeling and location of the movements has completely changed. So I wonder as well.
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This website has an neat way to tell. It does take some sitting and thinking about it, but you will probably be able to get a good idea.

Most of the time, there are exceptions, but most of the time once a baby gets head down they stay that way because the head is so much bigger and heavier in proportion to the rest of the body. It's harder for them to pull it up. However, there are those babies....
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^ Ooh, that is an awesome site. I'm going to have to do that belly mapping. I have NO idea how this LO is oriented.
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heh, i know mines head down because
1, he nuzzles my cervix area = ouch!
2, he digs his feet into my ribs constantly
3, the hiccups sort of tipped me off, lol. it was so cute too...
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I can always tell by where the hiccups are...
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Originally Posted by MommytoHHH View Post
I can always tell by where the hiccups are...
Yeah, same here... but she hiccups in a different spot each day. lol. She's always moving. Yesterday when the midwife checked she was head down. I'm pretty sure she's moved by now though.
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i know mines head up as i just feel for the big tennis ball shape under my boobs. think she does move sometimes. i thought she had moved 2 weeks ago but no.

i am having chinese moxa treatment to try and get her turned around. having another look via scan on her position on 28th jul.
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great question. I've been wondering a lot about this too. I tried the belly mapping a little bit, but still don't totally get it. I'm going to spend some more time trying harder...

how many first time mamas are totally in tune at this point with the position of your babies?
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well, baby girl just hiccuped again and she's still in the same spot! Yay!
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I think the hardest part about it is that you have to push SUPER hard to really feel things, and that can be a bit scary. I asked my midwife at the last appointment if it can hurt the baby at all..and she said no. Although, I don't think they've done a poll with the little people to verify this. You'll have two round spots..the bum and the head. The head you can actually move without it moving the whole body, while when you move the bum the whole body will move. There will also be a hard connection between the two, which is th spine. Generally the legs are going to be moving more then the arms, but they're going to be folded over at this point, as baby can't stretch out anymore (probably). I have a hard time with the hiccups for identifying myself, but I have an anterior placenta so maybe it's just a bit muffled!
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So I have a cute story about my kiddo this week:

The baby had mostly been lying transverse--big round lump across either side of my belly. I joked I couldn't always tell my baby's butt from its head! Monday morning I was talking to my mom and told her I, at 31 weeks, was ready for the baby to be head down....it was far to comfy sideways....transverse lie can mean a c-section--I just voiced my fears, although rationally I knew I had plenty of time for kiddo to end up head down. That afternoon I was walking at the dog park and felt a giant kerplunk and the baby moved head down. I can feel back up one side of my belly, wiggly little legs on the other side and a butt up top....all confirmed by my midwife at my appt on Wednesday. Even hubby felt it when she showed him what to feel for. She said the baby will most likely stay head down at this point, but will still move from side to side etc.

So I don't know how to explain exactly how I fell the baby, but the long hard back on one side helps....
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