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Originally Posted by magentamomma View Post
O.K. so I was up till 3 a.m. with my dd getting 9 staples in her head for a pretty severe laceration, and I am kinda angry. we waited and waited while people with the same or lesser complaints were put ahead of us. One woman had a cut finger and got in after us and was done sooner. Another woman had the exact same type of head laceration, but her husband was a lawyer and so she was given a bed w/in 5 minutes, and a room in an hour. We were there from 6:30 p.m. till 2:30 a.m. I have to wonder today whether our medicaid status affected our quality of care.
I had to get a charge nurse to come out before they even cleaned or wrapped it, and the cut finger lady was given a wheel chair, but I had to ask twice. I was told they didn't have any wheelchairs...in the E.R. I had to ask twice for blankets. And I guess what really gets me is that there is noone I can call and lodge a complaint. I know this is sort of OT, But I do wonder if similar things have happened to others on medical assistance.
Yes, you most certainly can complain. Call the hospital & ask to speak to the Quality Assurance dept (or whatever they call it at your local hospital). If they won't transfer you there ask for administration. Once you get someone make sure to get their name, dept & title. Ask what you should do to file a formal complaint.

If you don't feel like going through all that check out your hospital's website & see about an address to write to administration directly. Send your letter return receipt so they know you're serious about your complaint.

That is a *terribly* long time for a child with an open wound that large to just sit without being treated. Your insurance should NOT effect the quality of care you get. I'm not saying it didn't , just that it's illegal for them to do that. I would make it clear in your letter that is your primary concern & that you are VERY aware it's illegal to do that.

Oh, and make sure you indicate the date & shift, as well as the names of any of the nurses, MD, charge nurse, etc.
Good luck!
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Hi everyone,

I've been reading but not posting much'. I want to scream right now! I was supposed to get our cash on the 1st and FS on the 2nd, I only got it today at 5pm AFTER like 8 phone calls. This is the month everything is switched from one county to another. We lived in this county before the move and our rent was $375, got $357 in FS. Moved to the new country, rent went up to $750, FS went up to $388. We stayed 6 mo then left that nightmare place and moved back. Rent is now $583 with a full cash grant of $689, there suddenly giving me only $259 in FS! I called the worker and she tried telling me its cause my rent is lowers now but I got $100 MORE in FS when my rent was $200 LOWER. ugh!! I can not feed 3 people on $259 mo, especially in this town! To top is off this worker is well known for being a major UAV Someone screwed up some where and knowing this worker it wont get fixed until she's no longer my worker.:
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to Satori and magentamomma! A big welcome to noahandlinasmom, janerose, angelpie545, and Calimommie -- and anyone else I many have missed ... Nemesis ... Jilian

Also, I forgot to say welcome to pathui5 -- I hope you won't stop coming just 'cause I disagreed with you on something!
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Hugs to all of you, I'm so sorry you are all being treated this way.

I am glad I found us again, though! :

I'll just do a quick update- DH took the job. Medicaid will probably cover me, BB and DS, but not DH. He makes too much for us to get LIHEAP, Food stamps, or TANF. Looking at the eligibility, we will still qualify for Medicaid, after the baby is here, and DH may qualify for AdultBasic (healthcare).

I will need to call and try to get an actual appointment at the County Aid office to even submit my application, because the way DH had his income set up, he was receiving paychecks yet from the school district during August, so it looks like we make some obscene amount of money each month, and we don;t.

I'm feeling a bit stressed out right now. . . but I've done all I can do.
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Reading the stories about how people with Medicaid are treated irritates me. I have not had too many problems with my children's care. I have found some good people and just stuck with them. Their doctor has even told me that he pretty much doesn't have any other Medicaid patients, but that since we have been with him since he first opened his practice here he will keep us. However, I just got on Medicaid for the first time in 7 years since I am pregnant. I can not find hardly anyone who will take care of me. All the Family Practitioners are not taking new Medicaid patients. Most of the eye docs aren't even taking Medicaid at all.
It irritates me that people think that we are just getting a free ride. I work harder trying to get approved, renewed, and accepted than many people do working their jobs.
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ugh! Why does welfare have to be such a pain? I made them go line by line in the computer to figure out why my FS were lowered $130, they had me as living rent free! So I faxed down receipts and now have to wait and see what they decide. My worker has a rep for causing major problems
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I hated having medicaid. Now we're on my x's insurance and there's a BIG difference. Take these two situations :

1. visiting the dentist
- medicaid - the dentist belittled us for taking such poor care of our teeth. OBVIOUSLY we didn't brush or floss and we all drank way too much soda and ate too much candy.
- regular insurance - the whole time they praised what a good job we did on oral hygene. said we have great teeth. They didn't even criticize me when ds had to have a tooth pulled because the decay was so bad they were afraid the tooth would split rather than fall out- when the other dentist told us not to worry, it was a baby tooth.

2. eye doctor
-regular insurance - I called the eye doctor for an appt and got in less than 24 hours later.
-medicaid - we waited months for an appt.

Now, granted, the dentist was a new dentist, but my kids had only been to one dentist twice and all the others only once. I don't know off the top of my head how many we tried, then we get regular insurance and the first one we see (doesn't take medicaid) is terrific?

The eye doctor was the same one. :
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Our family receives Medicaid for our DD, I was recently on SCHIP, but realized it was because of my working last year and we have been paying the $15 a month for her insurance. I really didn't care about that until it was going to screw up my WIC and I could no longer receive it, plus my DH is the only one employed and he makes much less than the qualifications for Medicaid. I do hate to read the stories about people treated wrongly for having state/government based insurance, gosh we all should have it, but our country has it's priorities pretty screwed up.

Almost every family I know where I live gets some kind of medical or food assistance, most get WIC and have mchip or schip. I have never seen anyone treated badly, but I guess if they were none of the doctors around here would have any patients.I live in relatively poor area, but you'd never know by the million dollar homes my DH and BIL work on, it's pretty messed up.

I don't feel guilty about our assistance, my DH and I have paid into the system for years before DD, then we got pg and didn't qualify because of a clerical error and were paying out of pocket for my care. I had a review when I was 6 months pregnant and the error was discovered and I was reimbursed for all of the money we had paid(1500). That was one of the greatest days for me to hear that it would be fine and all was taken care of, ahhhh.

I don't work, but Dh does and we take care of things, I personally think with the economy so bad more people than ever are going to need assistance, I just hope that there will be some there. My mom works in social work and her hours are cut in half, she luckily got insurance with my step dad through the gov because he works for the post office. Unfortunately things are kinda bad, I didn't see it so much before, but the slump has hit us finally. Dh's company may have to lay off his apprentice, but DH still is fine, he at least has options, but times are tough.
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the regular dr's we have thru medicaid aren't so bad, and it's been pretty easy to get the kids the specialists and therapists they needed... BUT. i have been trying to get to see a specialist for this wretched back problem for almost 2 years. the one dr i had told me that i had to lose weight (which i know) and sent me to a nutritionist, who said that my diet was fine, but that i need more exercise. i can hardly stand up straight some days, how can i possibly get regular exercise??? i walk almost everywhere in town, b/c of the gas prices, but i usually pay for it by being in pain for a day or 2. i went back to the dr and she acted like i was just trying to get pain pills or something (which i never asked for) and told me that life involves pain and i just needed to learn to deal with it! on to the next dr... who did an mri and told me i need to see a specialist, which, of course, there isn't one in the whole area that is covered by medicaid! oh, and he "doesn't like prescribing pain pills" to which i replied, "well, i don't like taking them!"

*deep breath*

sorry, didn't mean to go off on a rant. i'm just so frustrated. i can't get anywhere with this. the only person who even tries to help (it seems like) is my chiropractor, and he can only do just so much. i'm so tired of being stiff and achy and not being able to lose weight... and i know, a lot of this belongs in another forum, but he!!, i'm here. :
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Well don't you know people who get help from the state are druggies, too :

s This isn't the first time I've heard of this situation. I'm sorry you're going through it.

I have a question about food stamps - I get them right now, and honestly if I could afford to go without them, I would, but I CAN'T. I've started a home based business, and right now I'm making money, but turning around and putting it right back in, yk? I haven't reported it, but I only started selling less than a month ago. Are they going to understand that the money going through my hands is not 100% profit? They told me I'll have to keep a log and they'll have to review what they think are legitimate expenses, but how are they trained to know what is a legitimate expense?

Also, I'd like to start saving some money. Nothing earth shaking right now, even just $5 a week. Just enough to have some savings. Is there any way to keep that from counting against me?
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Originally Posted by 3lilmonsters View Post
Well don't you know people who get help from the state are druggies, too :

s This isn't the first time I've heard of this situation. I'm sorry you're going through it.

I have a question about food stamps - I get them right now, and honestly if I could afford to go without them, I would, but I CAN'T. I've started a home based business, and right now I'm making money, but turning around and putting it right back in, yk? I haven't reported it, but I only started selling less than a month ago. Are they going to understand that the money going through my hands is not 100% profit? They told me I'll have to keep a log and they'll have to review what they think are legitimate expenses, but how are they trained to know what is a legitimate expense?

Also, I'd like to start saving some money. Nothing earth shaking right now, even just $5 a week. Just enough to have some savings. Is there any way to keep that from counting against me?

Only way to have it not count against you is to not report it but they really have no way of knowing if you made $100 or $500, its your word that there taking.
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That was what happened to me, when I applied for pregnancy medical I talked to a lady about my business expenses and somehow *none* qualified, and so it made our family income over by $500 a month. when I had to recert they found out that *all* of my business expenses were legit and I had qualified for medical since day one of my pregnancy. It honestly depends who you talk to, I had this guy I talked to who was the biggest jerk to me, then I got the lady who finally discovered that I had qualified always since my pregnancy. It was frustrating to have to deal with that, but it was great that I got someone smart finally.

I just wished I'd asked for a review sooner.
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I don't have medicaid, but I know what you guys are saying is true.

My 24 year old has private insurance that I pay for. She was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis back in January. THANK GOD FOR HER INSURANCE.

My sister-in-law (believe it or not - as this is a very rare disease) also had the same disease. SHE HAD MEDICAID AND DIED FROM THIS.

My daughter had a home health care nurse for intervanious IV's. MY SISTER-IN-LAW WAS NEVER GIVEN IV'S. AT ALL. (My daughter has an infectious disease Dr.; my sister-in-law did not.)

My daughter was approved for SSI (she has never worked) on her first application. She was also GIVEN a Medicaid card due to this. The Medicaid serves as her secondary carrier. Guess what? Her GENERAL PRACTITIONER DR. does not take medicaid. She has to see him once a month ($35 co-pay) for pain management. (You see, her disease affected her back and she actually has some bones in her upper back that have collapsed - which is very painful.) Her INFECTIOUS DISEASE DR. (the only group in our town I might add) does not take medicaid. She sees her every month or two at a $35 copay so that she can be monitored (bloodwork wise) to make sure the disease stays inactive since she is finished with her antibiotics). Her NEUROSURGEON I'm not sure about, but he is at a large Medical University, so I bet he does take medicaid. Her BLOODWORK CLINIC takes her insurance and medicaid which is good. One of her drugs is name brand (no generic available) so medicaid doesn't pay. That is with a $30 copay with her insurance. Her generic drugs medicaid questions and wants authorization, so if she were a POOR PERSON, and didn't have me to pay, she would just be SOL - not able to get the name brand drug (because she couldn't pay $160 for it) she needed and waiting until her Dr. (who doesn't take medicaid) had time to send medicaid a note telling them why he wants her on that drug. I told the clerk to nevermind, just bill her insurance for both.

Bottom line is this: Without her private insurance, she would not get close to the same care she is getting with it because medicaid just would not cover the medicine she needed or some of the doctors she needed to see.

She has a rare and very serious disease (Christopher Reeve died of it) and without her private insurance, she wouldn't have had a prayer. I would seriously NOT EAT before I would give up her health insurance.
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omg! i have an appt with a lawyer for next week to see if we can't settle the question, once and for all, of getting my kids disability!! i've applied before, for 2 of them, but with my oldest having new diagnosis, i'm trying for all three of them.

in a way, it seems really strange to me to be excited about this, but dangit, we've been so broke, for so long... DH even went to apply back at wal-mart the other day, but they told him they were only hiring for full-time, second shift. that is just not doable for us. it just isn't. there are too many dr and therapy and school and other appts for him to be gone from 1-11pm. i just simply cannot drag all the kids with me to every appt the others have. physically or mentally. it just isn't gonna happen.

i'm excited, but at the same time i almost feel like i'm exploiting my children... i know i'm not, they were just born different than most people, bt it just seems... odd, somehow. i don't really know how to explain it. but, i tell you, the idea of being able to pay the phone bill and put gas in the car so i can make it to all those dr appts.... also beyond words!
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damona, I hope it works out! Let us know how it goes!
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I'm waiting to see if I get my food stamps cut off. I moved to an apartment that's about fifty bucks cheaper, and my hubs is getting a bit more in financial aide this semester, so that will count against us. The stupidity of it all is that if I lose my aide this apartment actually costs me more each month than the one I moved out of to save money! Gah. I'm not sure what I'll be doing if we get cut off of food stamps. We'll requalify once the baby is born anyway if our income doesn't change, and I honestly don't see it happening. Which makes it so stupid yet again...they know I'm six months pregnant, they know I'll requalify in a couple months, but they'll cut me off now so we can go through reapplication then. Duh.

Basically we'll be crunching numbers if my worst fears are confirmed...we can make do, but it will be rougher and it will hurt our chances of hubs being able to be a full time student that much sooner.

Meanwhile, I really should bite the bullet and get new glasses while I have the chance. Once the baby is born I'll be off of medical assistance, which doesn't bother me too much since dd will still be cared for and hopefully we'll be in a position to have our own insurance pretty soon. Once the hubs can get a chance to finish all his internships he can get a good job as a paramedic and we won't be in such need for aide.
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damona, you certainly don't need a lawyer for this - especially on the initial application. You can do the paperwork yourself - right on line. You just need to collect the medical records to submit to your local ss office. My daughter (granted she is 24 years old) had a listed impairment and was approved on her first try, so it does happen - especially if the impairment is a listed impairment and is documented with the medical records. Also, never start a new application with a denial - appeal.
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So I got a call today from welfare wanting to schedule my appt to be placed in the welfare to work program. Lady wasn't to happy when I informed her I was exempt becasue of my kids health issues and no I can't get her form signed right now becasue the state is refusing to cover dd's specalist becasue the Dr didn't submit the right paperwork so I can't take her to be seen and get the paper signed. (seriously, if you want a sig you have to go into the office he's so crazy busy). Anyway, I would love to go to work but it aint gonna happen with our Dr appt schedule plus my taking 16 units this semester. But I got curious, I did the math and assuming I get a job that pays at least $12 hr (you have to make $16 just to be above poverty line here and no no pays that, your lucky to get $10-12hr) working 35 hours a week, and I assumed zero childcare costs. I would have to quit school which would cause my loans to go into repayment, I didn't even calculate that into it. Just straight pay -taxes +gas and food costs. I make MORE on cash aid, food stamps and PEL grants from school then I would working 35 hours a week. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around!? Seriously, I would be in the hole $300-$400 a month if I went to work. I would lose the FS and we'd get kicked off medicaid which is a very bad thing. I could not even afford to pay 10% of my kids medical costs, dd's life saving med alone is $1200 a month, $5,000 if we have to do it in the hospital. No thank you, we will happily sit on our butts for 4 years while I finish school and can get a good job that will support us and give great medical benes After tonight I will no longer feel guilty about sitting here collecting aid because after seeing the numbers I know this is whats best for us and in 4 years (maybe 3!) I'll have a good job and be paying back into the system.
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I stumbled on this thread and I just wanted to chime in and say it makes me *furious*. I've obviously been out of the US for too long -- 8.5 years. I had no idea how difficult things were for people. Call me naive, but I feel like crying at the moment reading all your stories. I love my country very much and I miss it, but when I read stories like these, I feel like I may never come back. Yes, here in Holland you sometimes have to wait to see a specialist if it's an emergency (well . .. it's more complicated than that, but suffice to say that your basic health care needs are covered) but everyone has his/her healthcare covered. Ditto food and such. I hope things change soon.
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