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I recently bought a serger and have been making pocket dipes similar to Rita's Rump Pockets. I stuff them with a soaker made of two layers of an old terry towel and two layers of flannel.
They turned out great, but they make dd's butt look a little red after just two diaper changes. I see the redness and put her in a prefold and it is gone by the next change. what is going on? The flannel is 100 percent cotton, washed with the prefolds the same way. Could it be the dye or whatever they use to put the print on the fabric because I have the print flannel on the inside as well?
Or maybe the weave of the fabric is tighter and does not allow good circulation?
I only use wool covers and I change her as soon as i know she is wet (within 5 minutes)
Anybody had this problem?