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Vagisil, Summer's Eve, etc. Rant.

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I think I'm more sensitive than others but was wondering if maybe anyone else shares a similiar disgust as me:

1.) Sometimes every-other-commercial on TV is for Vagisil, Summers Eve, or some other anti-fungal-vaginal cream (specially when I watch Scrubs re-runs). Or the diagram for the "monistat ovul" that you insert. Also--tampons, pads, urine leakage products (geared JUST to women...like it wouldn't apply to a man. Men can leak urine too, right?). I mean, what's the deal? Why must they advertise SO much about that stuff? Seriously?

And it's kinda embarrassing if you're watching it with a man present (other than a close friend, IMExperience). When I was in the 5th grade, the male teacher brought a television in so we could watch something about the president. A Vagisil commercial came on. All the girls were mortified--the male teacher turned beat red and turned it off. (Maybe that's where I get my "weirdness" about this?).

2.) There's a pregnancy test commercial....and the announcer is a man. Makes no sense to me and it ticks me off. What does a man have to do with a pregnancy test? (Other than buying one for his parner I guess). Nightly News earlier tonight had a bit on breast cancer (specifically for women, not male breast cancer) and the narrator was a.....man. I just get offended when a man is telling me about female stuff.

3.) There's one particular commercial for some kind of pill that women can take to reduce their chance of breast cancer (or something like that). They have a room full of women, wearing nothing but a towel. I've never seen a "men's only pill" commercial with a bunch of men standing around in a towel. I just find it really offensive. (During sports though, every other commercial is Viagra and how to well...you know).

4.) I think it's great that there are specific cancer prevention campaigns (breast, cervical)....but what about the men? I've never seen a "check your prostate commercial". I don't see monthly reminders for the men to check their prostate or schedule an annual exam at the doctor. I'm tired of almost being singled out in a way. That make sense?

Ok. Done with my rant. These things just bug the crap out of me. Maybe I'm not the only one. I don't know.

I'm afraid to click "submit new thread"....don't flame me please :
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No flames from me - I hear you loud and clear, especially on points 3 & 4.

Women are overly identified with our bodies, specifically, and most gratuitously, the parts that make us Other.
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I'm not embarrassed by the commercials, but I do hate the commercials, like for douches, that act like vaginas are just so gross and dirty or that periods are so awful (I know some women have severe cramping and other symptoms, but that's not what I'm referring to).
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I totally sympathize with finding some commercials really annoying or gross or embarrassing. I actually kind of tuned it out until I'd been without television for a good long while... and wow, I'd forgotten how bad commercials are!

But I have to say, yes, I HAVE seen campaigns about getting your prostate checked. So there ya go.
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I hear you, but I do see that commercial about prostate medicine to "shrink your prostate" with that man who shrinks stuff for living and I've seen commercials and heard radio commercials admonishing men to make the appointment to get their prostate checked. However, this may be because I listen to mostly "urban" R&B stations and watch TVOne and other "urban programming" , so maybe because black and brown men are late testing and dying of prostate and colon cancer at a disporportionate rate, they ramp up the men's programming a lil bit (?)
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You should understand that women are the shoppers and buyers of most everything.

I'm certainly not going to flame you. But these ads don't bother me in principle. But it's relentless tv ads of all sorts that drove me away from broadcast tv to begin with.

Aside from Summers Eve, these are all legitimate products. Women menstruate, women get yeast infections, women get incontinent. Why advertise so much? They probably did a study and found that women who buy that stuff watch a lot of Scrubs and the like. These are womens products, so why not advertise when lots of women are watching?

Watching with a guy: I don't even think twice about it anymore. Though I know what you mean. My thirteen year old daughter gets very embarrassed, though. I dunno, dh and I have been together for 22 years. He knows I menstruate.

Incontinence: yes, men get it too. But I'm guessing many more women than men do, and at younger ages. Pregnancy, labor and delivery can cause it. These marketers know their market. Women are much more likely to get help when they've got a medical issue. And again, women just shop more than men do.

Watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and see all the ads for denture cream, medic alert and life insurance. They know their market is mostly older people. (Though our whole family watches Jeopardy!)

Male narrators: I don't know, but my educated guess is that, again, they did research and found, repeatedly, that the buyers, women, respond better to a male voice for these more "serious" issues like cancer and pregnancy. The voice of authority and reassurance. Make what you will of that.

I'm sick of advertising generally, so I hardly ever watch broadcast tv. Until Heroes comes back Jeopardy is the only non cable show I watch.


"that man who shrinks stuff for living" I must know who this is!
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Commercials for useful products (like yeast infections) don't really bother me but I do hate hate the ones for any kind of vaginal deodorant. If you don't like the smell of your girly bits, do you really think vanilla scented girly parts are any better? Gah!! I have grabbed "fresh scented" pads by mistake a few times and it's just unbearable. I make myself use them up because I hate to waste but lordy, they stink!
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I actually like the commercial with the women in the towels...i think its quite beautiful. Rarely do you see women of a "certain age" featured like that, presented as beautiful women....and this commercial features not only "older" women, but older women of color (i think there is an Asian-American woman and an African-American woman)....it wasnt in poor taste. I didnt find anything wrong with it.

The commercials that squick me out though are the KY Jelly ones, couples gazing at each other...um, ewww. Really, Too Much Information.

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there really is too much information in some commercials!!

When my 5 yo DS is in the room, we really don't need to hear... "Viva Viagra". I am worried it will get stuck in his head and then that would be all we would hear that day, so I quickly change it when it comes on.

and genital warts. that's fine if they exist, but I really don't want to hear about it when we're having family pizza night watching a favorite show or two.

I keep the remote very handy.
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I don't like any of these commercials either.

Also, if I have to hear "erectile disfunction" one more time...
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I'm surprised no one mentioned the "Rephresh" commercial. I get so mortified when I see it, that I have to turn away.

Do we really need to know all that info?! Geez.
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