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what would you (besides paint) with an all-white bathroom?

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We just moved and one of the bathrooms is all white--white walls, white w/light grey streaks tile, white vanity, light grey countertop. DH doesn't want to paint it. I'm debating about whether to add some color with a bright shower curtain, bright towels, and maybe a stencil on the wall, or whether to go with the white theme and use a more subtle shower curtain, white towels, etc. This is the bathroom that gets the most use in our house so I'm thinking darker colors might be better, but I'm having trouble making up my mind.
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I would add splashes of color with a bath rug, hand towels, and art work. Maybe choose 2 other colors to "pop" the white - like red and black. Or blue and gold.

Or find a funky shower curtain or piece of art, and match the accessories to that; so that the white is just a foundation, but not really a part of the motif - if that makes sense.
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I agree with Kamilla. Add color in accesories. I don't know if I would bother painting it unless I knew I would live there for a while. I actually prefer white walls for small areas becuase color seems (to me at least) to make the room smaller.
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I'd make it a greenhouse. Plants would look great in an all-white bathroom.
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I would just keep it all white. I am learning how much I like an all white bathroom, with really white towels. I really like to add some green in the as well, as it still looks crisp.
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you could keep everything white - it would be very spa-like. in my house of muddy men, that would get instantly nasty though (um, especially since i don't really use bleach). it depends on how fun or how sophisticated you want it to be. for a fun bathroom, you could get a red-polka-dot shower curtain, red towels & rug; for a more polished bathroom, you could do navy & white, or slate gray. you could also use that bold greek blue - that might be a nice balance. not stuffy, not flashy.
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I vote all-white spa-look with a green plant or two for an accent. Or an orchid would make a very pretty accent. You could also use a cream or a beige color as an accent color, too.

The key with staying in one color is to mix up the texture a lot and make the textures very interesting. I did an all-white bathroom look before and it was really beautiful. I had a semi-transparent gauzey fabric for the shower curtain (got it at Target) that was embroidered with little white flowers, very pretty, and a thick nubbly cotton mat for the floor, and thick, soft, off-white towels.

ETA: White wicker baskets add a great touch of texture and interest, too! You can store little stuff like bath toys, wash cloths, and shampoo/soap bottles in them.
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We have an all white bathroom. I love it, it looks so clean and fresh!
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post
We have an all white bathroom. I love it, it looks so clean and fresh!
yeah that!

our downstairs bathroom is all white, I found white picture frames and put pics of the kids in the tub in them. And some Anne Geddes photos of babies in tubs and sinks. All white towels. I think it looks fresh and clean, and it encourages me to keep the dust off the edge of the sink since everything else is white, lol.

My other suggestion would be to use bright colors, like tropical fish and bold colored towels (orange, pink, teal) bright and fun. That is what we have in the girls bathroom and you can hardly tell the walls are just white. We have pics DH took scuba diving as artwork in that bathroom to go w/ the ocean theme.
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A spa like bathroom sounds great. Too bad all the bathrooms over here are painted yellow with blue tile (yea, it sounds weird and looks dirty all the time). It would be so relaxing though. Maybe get some candles and keep them somewhere your daughter can't reach? Although I don't know with a toddler if there is anywhere they can't get too when they REALLY want to.
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I think you could do a lot of things and they would all look very nice.

You could do a beachy look with some blues, tans and shells or fish.

White and blue or white and green both look really clean and crisp together.

You could go with black or very dark accesories for something dramatic.

You could add gold or silver accesories/hardware and keep everything else light or nearly white.

You could add several shades of your favorite color for a nonchromatic bathroom.

You could do a rainbow of colors.
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