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I want to have a "tie dye party" with dd 21 months before baby sister gets here in September. I have found a few tuturials on tie dying online but they all seem to include boiling water or at least a lot of heat. I don't care about her getting colored fingers but I don't want her getting burnt. Does anyone know of a method with Kool Aid that doesn't require boiling or microwaving? I want to do some playsilks, prefold diapers, onesies, and socks.

Also kind of a related question but does anyone have a method for tie dying playsilks with kool aid? It seems all the instructions I can find are for dying solid colors but i'd like to do something with a couple different colors. Could I just put the "dye" on the silk in different places with a squirt bottle and let it sit?

Oh and the reason I prefer to use kool aid is because it is safe for little hands that often end up in her mouth.