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Links for my doctor?

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Hi! Our 3 year old dd is completely unvaxxed. However, every time we go to the doctor, he brings it up. Now, we like our doctor a lot -- he is a family doctor that dh and I have been going to for 8 years. He is really cool in most other respects but with the vaccinations, he totally disagrees with us.

I respect him though because he supports our decision, we have never been asked to sign any forms like "we understand vax's are awesome but we refuse because we suck" type things He brings the subject up delicately, he is non-judgmental although I know he has vaxxed his daughter completely :

Anywhoo.. I think he would be open to reading some information, but I don't want to give him any .... extreme... sites iykwim? Stuff a doctor would think had credibility would be cool. I have the idea I can plant a tiny seed, because he is cool in other areas.


ETA: Oh he is a Christian as well (as are we) so any non-nutty religious sites are welcome too.
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This site has some good stuff...
Look around...

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Has he read the CDC's pink book? I know its supposed to convince people to vax, but I began my research there and was pretty much convinced not to then. I'm still researching though, more than a year later. Do you think he would be open to book recommendations or just short articles? Has he looked at the individual vaxes ingredients? You would think that would get anybody thinking twice.
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if it were my doctor i would just want to know why he thinks children need 50-60 injections by kindergarten/1st grade?
that's enough for me to question the injection program...
I mean really, how is that considered healthy? That is kindof a distorted and twisted way of looking at your childs' health. Considering that vaccines are not 100% effective, why do we inject them with more and more of theses vaccines? More boosters, a new disease to vaccinate for, one that probably would never affect us, genetically modified viruses, and these new ones, like the bird flu...gardisil...when will this stop? Will our children soon be require to have a permanent catheder affixed to thier arm so it will be convienient for the school nurse to give them MORE vaccines at will?????

It becoming quite obvious what is happening to our children as a population, and the link IS obvious, despite what doctors are saying.
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