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All of August 2 Week Wait!! (Name Changed; All August 2WWers Welcome!) - Page 11

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Carol !!! omg! I totally see that line. Congratulations to you, mama! I expect you will see a much darker line tomorrow.
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Thanks everyone for reassuring me! I feel a lot better about the situation now, definitely.

CONGRATS Carol!! That looks like a positive test to me, but backwards! Still I'd be celebrating. :::
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Congratulations, Carol! :::
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Congratulations Carol!! :
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Is that our first BFP!!?

Congratulations, Carol!

For me, this is the fun part of the month. Just a few days to go before I O. Watching for The Signs, having lots of Alone Time with DH. There's not much pressure, you just have to make sure that there's always some spermies swimming around near the ovaries.

Then you get crosshairs - hooray!

Then you begin to watch as other women report their test results - hooray for BFPs! :

Then you start counting your DPOs, unbelieving that time can actually crawl by at such a slow pace - no way, only 6DPO?, surely I am at 10DPO today!? :

It's all very exciting.

Warm wishes to all you gals!!
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This thread is going so fast I am having trouble keeping up. (I'm busy at work and that is when I normally catch up). My yeast infection seems to have cleared up just in time to start BD I Should O this weekend or early next week.

Carol That looks like a BFP to me:

Kriket I have had that TMI problem with UTI's it sucks. I'm glad we're both feeling better.
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OK - Time to Obsess

I already posted this in another thread, but want to see what you ladies think as well!!

Hi Everyone! I have been hesitant to talk too much about all this TTC as I'm afraid to "jinx" myself, but I realize how foolish that is, so here goes!! I had a miscarriage in March and FINALLY had my first AF last month so this is our first real official month TTC after the miscarriage. We dtd every day for 5 straight days leading up to and a day after when I O'd. So, we did everything right in my book, I just hope it worked! I did start feeling sore nipples on Saturday which makes me feel pretty good because I knew I was pregnant or at least could be pregnant when my nipples were sore a week before AF was due which is abnormal. I have been having little twinges as well in my abdomen/pelvis area. Just little pains and sometimes aches. I'm also so thirsty lately. I drink a lot of water naturally and am not sure if I'm peeing anymore than normal except I have been waking up every night around 3 or 4 having to go really bad and then again when I wake up for the day which isnt always the norm. Also, I have a TMI question to ask. I remember reading and confirming that your vagina/cervix turns blue/purple during pregnancy so I decided to check that out and w/o saying too much I definitely see some blue. Wouldn't it be too early to see that though? FF said I O'd on July 19 making me 10 DPO today, but my monitor said it was the next day. So I'm either 9 or 10 DPO today. I can't help myself and have taken a couple of tests already and they were negative, but I am pretty confident that I'm too early. During my last pregnancy I didn't test postive until 6 days after my nipples started feeling sore (which I think must be when the hormone starts being produced). So anyway, sorry for the lengthy post and I'm going to DO MY BEST to wait until Friday to test again and I think by then I will know either way!!! These two weeks are so tough!!!!

What do you think?? ::::
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I couldn't hold out to test until the first or whatever day I said I was going to test.

Today, at 11DPO, I got a BFP on an Answer early result test!!!! :: I was having a lot of mild cramps last night, and some stronger ones at around 5am, which I thought was odd since I usually don't get that before AF. I took an internet test around 8am, it was negative. OF course, I saved my pee and my partner smartycat just had to go and test using the answer one. And there they were! Two brilliant lines! :
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congratulations quasar :::::
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Way to go Quasar and smartycat!!! :

Michander: I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
Sounds like you're having some good signs. I guess you'll know for sure in a day or two, when you test again. Fingers crossed!!!
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7dpo today

quasar, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! Whoo hoo! :

michanders4, your symptoms are really interesting. I think the breast changes and uterine twinges/achiness are really good signs. I have those, too, as well as being more thirsty than usual. I tested at 9dpo with my third baby and it came up negative (of course) promised myself I wouldn't waste another test at 10 dpo and when I tested at 11dpo there was a faint but definite line. Hang in there!

I'm starting to doubt if I'll be able to wait until Friday to test. It's just so hard to wait when that hpt is just sitting there staring at you.

It's still early here but fully expecting more nausea today. Still feeling those achy uterine feelings.
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Quasar- That is so wonderful. I did not get a BFP on Dollar Tree test until 5 days after a positive FRER. I don't think the cheapies really pan out when it comes to early results.

Carol- I forgot you were late. I was thinking you were testing really early. So yes it is definately BFP. I am sure after it dried a bit the control line got a little darker. You probably would have tested positive days ago. Your good to hold out like that. I could never hold out until I was late. I get to anxious just ask Jaci.

Jaci- How are you? I still have not gotten a positive opk. It is now 5 days after my last pill. We are going to bd tonight. We did not bd last night but we did on Sunday. The opk is definately getting darker which normally happens with the FRER opk's so I think I should ovulate in the next 3-4 days. Hope your day is going well. Stay positive, we have to stay positive.

Smartycat - congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quasar- We need pictures!!!! We love pictures!!

Carol- Any other tests? Pictures? How are you feeling.
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: :

Carol, did you test again? I can't wait to see a BFP from you.
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I'm CD31, 14 DPO and FF has taken away my solid cross hairs. Why?
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Congratulations Quasar & Smartypants! Woohoo!:::

Kayda's Mom... not sure why FF would take away your solid crosshairs at this point. I must be missing something when I'm looking at your chart. :P
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I did test again, and the control line and the test line was dark... so I am thinking it is a BFP!!

I am so excited.. we have been trying for four years! It's almost unreal.

Quasar- Congrats.. maybe I will see you in the April 2009 DDC.
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Originally Posted by kellygirl View Post
Quasar- We need pictures!!!! We love pictures!!
Ah, yes! How could I forget to post that here?! Sorry 'bout that!
Here ya go!
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Congratulations to you, too, Carol!!! :

Thanks to everyone for their support through this crazy journey. Sending lots of dust and sticky vibes to everyone here!

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Originally Posted by Tuwamare View Post
Congratulations Quasar & Smartypants! Woohoo!:::

Kayda's Mom... not sure why FF would take away your solid crosshairs at this point. I must be missing something when I'm looking at your chart. :P
Yeah it took the crosshairs away today as soon as I entered a secondary "symptom".
I'm missing it too...and it freaked me out.

ugh...I just want the next couple of days to go by an get this crap over with. If AF is coming then show already. I am doing the toilet paper check every time I go pee...which is often!!!!!!!
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