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The Pink Kit

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Curious to hear if anyone is familiar with this - sounds interesting and I've heard good things about it, but wanted to hear from more people.


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Hi Lisa,

I have the Pink Kit. I am a childbirth educator so I was interested in it on that level but I am also expecting baby #2 any day now, so I went ahead and bought it a couple of months ago. I, too, had heard only great things about it.

It definitely covers A LOT info that I think is sorely lacking in most childbirth classes. You really learn how to understand the bones of your pelvis and how to have them 'work for you' during labor. Some of the techniques for getting things to open up better during labor are techniques I have not found discussed elsewhere.

All that being said....I was pretty overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of material presented in the video (and book that comes with it). I watched it once and could not really bring myself to follow through on the exercises (there are a ton of them). Maybe it is just me but my feeling is that the Kit is best suited for doulas, midwives and childbirth educators who can take some of the most important info and actually teach it 'hands on' to mamas and papas-to-be. If you are a highly motivated person and you have the time it might be worth it for you. Especially if you know that you are not going to find anyone locally who might teach the techniques to you. Also be aware that many exercises require a partner (preferably whoever will be your main labor support person).

Good luck to you...your healing and your future
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Thanks so much for you input. I do tend to be one of those highly motivated people aka information gluttons . I will definitely keep it in mind.

Best wishes on your upcoming birth - how exciting! May abundant strength and courage be with you as you find your way through. Enjoy your new little one!

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I just bought the kit <waves to Lisa>
am still waiting for it to come, Ill let cha know what I think tho, Im expecting good things.
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Hey Mary

Good to see you in mothering land .

Yeah, keep me posted, I look forward to your input.

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