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Are you holding your sweet Caroline? I know you were supposed ot go in for another NST but I haven't seen anything from you, so I am wondering!!!!!

If you aren't in labor or haven't had the baby yet, how did the NST go??
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I am wondering too! Her daily post sounded like it was time! I hope we hear soon!
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I sure hope so! I just wish it were me!
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My money is on Labor for Jenna mama!!!
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Yep, I bet she has that sweet babe in her arms!
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Gosh I hope so!!!!
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Just checking in on Jenna...
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I hope she had her babe!!!

We both have the same due date and although part of me would selfishly love for her to be here sticking it out with me , she was under more of a deadline than I am and really needed her babe to come soon.
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No word yet?

I was hoping for at least a birth notice, if not a full story!

I hope to hear soon.
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Sorry to keep you all waiting, we didn't have computer access at the hospital and they made us stay for 24 hours after the birth because of being GBS +
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