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Seamus' Surgery

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Seamus was born with a right club foot - it was/is a shock to us. The good news is that it can be fixed. He is having a small surgical procedure on Friday. He does have to go under anesthesia though. I'm stressing and worried about that. Please keep us in your prayers/thoughts.
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I am sorry to hear about his foot, i hope al goes well on friday
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Thinking about your little guy!!!
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Not in your DDC but wanted to send you s. I was born with club feet and I think it was much harder on my mom than on me. It was fixed before I was old enough to remember and I've never had any problems. Hope all goes well:.
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So sorry your little guy has to go through that. I'll send all my good thoughts his (and your) way.
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A friend's son had that and had surgury and a brace for a few months. He is all better now!
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hoping all goes well!
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I'll keep you in my thoughts on Friday, mama.
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We'll keep your family in our prayers. It's always scary having a little one in the hospital.
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Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. Keep us posted!
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Will keep you and your family in my thoughts.
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Your family will be in my thoughts tomorrow! Wishes for a smooth surgery and quick recovery will be headed your way...
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how did the surgery go? Sending healing vibes
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I don't know how I missed this thread, but sending you good vibes that everything went smoothly today. Keep us posted!
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We are back from the hospital. Emotionally, I'm all over the place. Seamus is now sleeping besides me - the surgery went as expected. We've been warned that he will be extra fussy for the next 24 hours, but so far we haven't seen that.

I had a hard time with both the pre and post op. During pre, it was toture hearing him cry because he was so hungry and not be able to BF. Then during post-op, he had all of these lines hooked up to him. DH asked when I would be able to nurse him and the nurse told us that he had been given sugar water. I flipped out on them. Another nurse had to come in and explain that it was standard procedure because of him going under. We were never told about the sugar water bottle and DH reamed out the doctor. Luckily, DS nursed a little bit while we were waiting to be discharged.

Thank you all so much for thinking of our family.
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glad to hear he's okay and recovering. hopefully all will go smoothly from here...
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Hugs to you, Brenna. You're through the worst, I'm sure.

The sugar water thing is really disappointing. They're so un-thinking in hospitals about things like that. If it makes you feel any better, we've had so much trouble with our LO that he's already had simethicone, colic drops, gripe water, and probiotics mixed in breast milk. So much for the virgin gut....

I hope Seamus (love that name, by the way) is doing really well n gets through the next day or two without too much trouble.
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My DH had a severe club foot - he is the strongest man I know b/c of it - internally and he is actually really strong. Have a lot to say, but toh... good vibes Mama!!
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I'm glad that the worst is over. I would be really mad about the sugar water too!

Healing vibes, and s
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