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The Hibernation Diet

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Anyone else heard of this? I came across it while reading about honey. He tells us to simply eat 1-2 oz. of honey before bed. Seems like a great accompaniment to my sleeping with the sun routine. And beside who can possibly argue with a great reason to eat honey everynight (on top of the half dozen other times a day I sneak a spoonful) :
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I saw the video and googled around for more info (since I had a really hard time understanding what the man was saying). It's hardly a testimony yet, but I took two teaspoonfuls of honey last night and slept like a log. I didn't wake up one single time... not even to pee, as I often do, despite the fact that I drank more water before bed than usual.

So... I think I like this honey thing. I'll see if I can keep it going.
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Hey... any reason to eat more honey is a good reason!
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Originally Posted by GouGou View Post
Hey... any reason to eat more honey is a good reason!
That's what I thought too! :

Junegoddess: I slept great last night too. I did have to wake up to administer a B12 shot to DD, but after that I didn't stir in the slightest, which doesn't often happen to me.
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I tried it last night too - OMG! I slept like the dead. I didn't even wake up when DH got up early to get ready for work. And the dreams! I had so many vivid, intense dreams. I'm still reeling.

Feel pretty good now though. Might try it again and see if it was just a one off (the power of suggestion?) or if there is something more in it.
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I had vivid dreams too! A bit gruesome but in a positive non scary way that only dreams can have. I can't wait to see what happens tonight. Keep reporting back everyone!
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Well, that is interesting. I'm going to try it tonight.

I poked around some and couldn't find the answer to a couple of questions:
Does it have to be totally unheated honey or can it be just raw honey (which is heated to 117 degrees?)

Does it have to be by itself, or can you put it on toast with butter? I'm thinking that it has to be by itself, right, to get the right glucose/fructose ratio?
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I would think unheated would be best, but I was shocked to read your post and find out that raw honey could mean that it had been heated slightly.

I didn't read anything about it needing to be eaten by itself, but maybe some experimentation would let you know if that's working for you. We're only one night into it, but people seem to be having some pretty consistent results as a group. :
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I am going to try this... will report back.
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How much would I give my 15 month old? How much is 1-2 oz? how many tablespoons?
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Same video and more info. Very interesting ideas to look into further.
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Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 View Post
How much would I give my 15 month old? How much is 1-2 oz? how many tablespoons?
2 tbsp is 1 oz
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I've been working my way up to just one full tablespoon... can't imagine two. I just have such a long-standing distrust of sweet things. LOL

I've taken mine with a few macadamia nuts, because... I wanted to. How's that for scientific?

Once again, I slept very, very well.
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Well, I slept like a rock last night. Almost like I was sedated. Was that the feeling of more melatonin?

I only did 2-3 tsp.

I'm excited by the thought that this supports the adrenals, too. Thanks for sharing this!!
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Goodness me, I've completely misheard/misread that bit. I just took a generous TEAspoon before bed. Seemed to be enough. I can't imagine eating an entire tablespoon all at once, let alone two, let alone giving that much to a small child.

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I slept awesome again last night too! Some night waking happened because of my cat but not more than is normal for me, but what was more than normal was how deeply I slept and how rested I felt in the morning. Even when I was woken in the night I felt like it didn't wake me as completely I it usually does and the biggest thing was how effortlessly and quickly I fell back into a nice deep sleep. And tons of vivid dreams again!

I've been taking just a big scoop full with a spoon, probably equal to about a tablespoon or 1.5 tbs. at the most.
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I've been using honey at night to help me sleep for a few years now. A dr. suggested it to me. Works great! I don't take nearly 1-2 oz., though. I just dip my spoon in and take it out, probably between 1/2-1 teaspoon, a little more if I'm feeling naughty . My blood sugar would not be OK if I took more, but it's fine at these levels. Since I wasn't told otherwise, it never occured to me that it should be eaten alone. Ever since I got pregnant, and now I'm nursing a fair amount still, I need a snack at bedtime, so honey is always a part of that. Plus, I seem to need to a carb + fat snack before bed to keep my blood sugar OK (it's tough, but I manage ). It seems to work just fine that way, same as the nights that I skip the snack and just have a little honey.
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When I was a little girl, someone once read me a children's book about Johann Sebastian Bach, who had 21 children (!!!!!) and every night before tucking them in, he would give each of them a bedtime snack of good German rye bread spread with butter and honey. That story always stayed with me.
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Does anyone have any concerns about honey causing cavities?

Also what about if someone has yeast issues? Should they avoid the honey. On the Hibernation diet website, he says it is great for pregnant women with morning sickness. But I remember that I was so prone to yeast infections when I was pregnant.
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I read a study that said that honey is kills off the bad bacteria and is an anti fungal, so it was being promoted to help candida and rebuild probiotics and kill off bad bacteria. I think it works in the same way as kombucha in that regard. The ph must be just right to allow the probiotics to survive while the others are killed.

I take the honey and then brush my teeth afterwards...
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