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For the past 7 pages I'm seeing some people have good results with sleep improvement, some bad, and some go back and forth. I'm only taking it to lose a few pounds, but if I take my 1 heaping TBSP of raw honey just before bed and have another snack on my belly things just don't feel right. I feel much better if I haven't eaten for about 3 hours before taking the honey (and I can pack away the food no problem). It doesn't affect my sleep, but things just feel off.
I wonder if the honey must be taken on an empty stomach just before bed to have the sleep benefits? Has anyone taken the honey on a full stomach and found that sleep is improved?
I find this thread and the different sleep responses to the honey sooooo interesting.
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I think for some of you- you may be having a reaction sort of like detox?

It's hard to say, but I am curious and want to know exactly why some of us aren't sleeping well with it!
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for me its not the getting to sleep thats a problem its the waking up :P

in the past i have found that the quality of sleep was improved most.... by following food combination principles a la body ecology diet. By cutting gluten, dairy... and food combining i found that food digested more efficiently and I producted less mucus so i could breath alot easier than normally. also keep in mind if you aren't eating grains you might not get enough carbs which could affect sleep
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Originally Posted by Leilalu View Post
I think for some of you- you may be having a reaction sort of like detox?

It's hard to say, but I am curious and want to know exactly why some of us aren't sleeping well with it!

It's been working for me really well with the exception of when I took it too early before bed, and I'm REALLY toxic. I'm in the middle of chelation therapy and can only tolerate about 1/4 cup of kombucha right now but I'm even better with none. I'm pretty sure that if it was detoxing me in any way that I'd be extremely sensitive to that right now.
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Moneca: I find it works best for me when I take it on a relatively empty stomach, i.e., about 3-4 hours after my last full meal (I'm not too rigid or strict about this..I'll occasionally snack on some seeds or have tea with milk somewhere in the mix), and right before bed.

I find I get a little bit hyper right before falling asleep, and then I pretty much crash. The one time I took it an hour before sleep, I got really hyper and could not sleep at all. And when I've taken it on a full stomach, I feel really queasy.

In the morning I have a little trouble waking up (even with a full 8 hours of sleep behind me), but once I wake up I feel amazing... refreshed, bright, no achyness, no stuffiness.

My DH again looked at me with that special cynical look of his this morning and said, "Well, if you're enjoing this wonderful placebo effect, who am I to stop you?" To which I said, "Placebo, schmacebo.... I think there's something to this..."
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Well, I've officially lost about 2 1/2 pounds, since starting this. I woke up feeling really great this morning, for the first time since doing this. I'll definitely will keep doing this!
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I definitely feel flatter. I agree with another poster about it being too emotionally charged to check weight. I already know I am over what I could/should be, so why? Numbers mean nothing to me. It's whether my cute JCrew linen skirts in a size medium fit. They don't yet.

But I do feel flatter and I wake up feeling like someone who really slept. Almost, normal.....
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I have gotten up to the 1 tablespoon amount, and have had terrible results. With yeast that is. It is terrible! I did sleep harder though, and I have a hard time hearing my baby wake. I do not want to loose any weight, so I don;t know if I will continue to do this experiment.
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It seems to be giving me yeast issues too. I sleep better that's for sure but my yeast-related allergies have flared up badly. I'm afraid I simply don't believe those practitioners claiming honey is anti-yeast. For me it definitely seems to be pro-yeast. And yes, I am using raw, local honey.
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.... and following up on the two previous posts, I found this:


and was wondering how others would react to reading it.
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hmmm, I'm always a bit leary of advertising...it's a necessary evil...we wouldn't know about new products if they weren't advertised to spread the word, but I also feel like the consumer becomes a faceless thing to be manipulated. I think it becomes easy to step over the line of truth in advertising and also to forget that the good of the consumer is more important than the bottom line.

I'm reminding myself that promoting the book doesn't mean that the premise is faulty *and* that he was targeting a specific audience (*not* the consumer) with that letter/e-mail. Of course they want to make $$ from the book to help pay for all the time they spent researching and writing...
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I tried this last night. I had the worst sleep I have had in a long time! I couldn't really sleep at all, and when I did I had beastly nightmares. I felt really jittery, like I had a very large Pepsi at about 5:00. I still feel really bad today.

I will leave it to those of you who are having success!

Oh, I mixed a heaping T with about 1/2 c. warmish water and it was easy to drink that way.
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I have been doing this every night for about 4 nights. I slept horribly the first night, nightmares et al., but sleep has been better and better since then! I really need the recovery part and a little weight loss would be nice so I'm sticking with it for a while.
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I have had only one bad night while taking honey. Other than that I am sleeping much better. Dh said something about the placebo affect....but I am pretty convinced that it is working for me. I also find that I am waking up hungrier than before. My pants feel looser, but I'm not sure I have lost weight. I have a strict policy of only weighing once a month....and I still have two more weeks (it's all that emotional chargedness that pp's talked about).

One of my co-workers started taking honey a week ago and has also had great results as far as sleep goes.

I'm gonna go take some now!
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SO far I haven't seen any benefit, but my kids wake me up so often that I don't think I am an empirical study! I've also tried it on my 3yo with some hefty sleep problems, and I'm still having to give him melatonin. He also has yeast issues - maybe it will at least help with those.
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I went to bed last night within an hour of my post. I usually have *a lot* of trouble falling asleep until late/dark/super tired, but I was exhausted so I took the honey at about 5:30, brushed my teeth, and was asleep by 5:45pm! I slept like a log!! It was fabulous! Even when I heard the children (dh was with them so I knew they were fine), I never really woke up...amazing! My alarm went off at 4 and even though I knew I *could* sleep more body-wise, I got up and went running...felt great!

The scale has showed about a 2# weight loss for two consecutive days so I think it might be more than water weight! whoo hoo

Thank you CrunchyFarmGirl!!! I'm not usually one to jump on a diet bandwagon too easily, but this made sense and feels great...with the added benefit of possibly helping me in my efforts to loose weight. score!
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So I had my first not-so-good night, after taking honey. My SIL and her hubby came over and we had dinner and some wine. Ok, maybe a few glasses of wine. Anyway, I ate the honey at least 2 hours after I had any wine, but I was up literally ALL NIGHT!! I'd start to fall asleep, then wake right up. I think I may have gotten an hour of sleep all night. Ugh! Anyway, I learned my lesson. I don't usually have more than 1/2-1 cup of wine, if any, so I just won't be eating the honey if I have any more than that!!
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Another good night here... in fact I'm up with the roosters and feeling great!
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I think we crashed the Hibernation Diet site.
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So I had my first not-so-good night, after taking honey. My SIL and her hubby came over and we had dinner and some wine. Ok, maybe a few glasses of wine.
Don't blame the honey.

Studies have shown that alcohol interferes with normal sleep patterns by disrupting the functioning of neurotransmitters that induce and regulate the sleep cycle. Consumption of alcohol at night causes sleepiness in most individuals. But the need to eliminate alcohol from the body means that a person will be awakened several times during the night, thus fragmenting the sleep cycle. In addition, alcohol is known to interfere with and decrease REM sleep in the first half of the night and causes a rebound of REM sleep in the second half of the night. REM rebounding causes frequent awakenings during the night leading to fragmented poor quality sleep.


I've been taking one heaping tablespoon of our "truly raw and unprocessed", local honey just at bedtime for many nights that this thread has been going. I love it. I've been sleeping more soundly, and mostly without night wakening. Or, falling back to sleep easily, not having difficulty wakening at sunrise (we sleep in).

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