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Wow. I love all the info. in this thread and can't wait to try it out. The hard part for me is going to be the total darkness. I get creeped out with no lights and no sounds to block out all the other little sounds. I usually fall asleep with the tv on or at the very least the computer screen with some music playing.
Would it be o.k. to still have some noise? I do sleep better when I have a fan on especially in the summer. It gets stuffy and I need to feel some air moving around me.
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Wow - where does the metal in her system come from??

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When it comes to the subject of Honey its not the same rules as raw food at 118 if honey is heated past 70 its not raw and the nutrients and flavor are not the same. Google your local bee keeping association they will have all local bee keepers in the area. I lucked out and found a husband and wife that have their own hives all hard labor no heating used at all and the hive is natural too (some use a bought starter wax hive). Do yourselves a favor and get the best local honey you can find.

Good luck!!

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Is it ok to give raw honey to a two year old? Dd is a restless sleeper and loves honey. But I don't want her to lose weight!!!
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Raw honey is fine for a 2 year old. :-)


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For baby its fine. But take care of yourself like I have a good hibernate diet. But along with that I regularly consume grapeseed extract which helps me in keeping my eye and heart healthy.

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Yes, I had honey before bed a few nights in a row and I did notice I slept deeper. I also woke up without feeling nauseated. I'm so used to that, I don't even realize it sometimes. But I keep forgetting to take it!!!


Just now I realized something... DD took a LONG nap today after a week or two of not napping very well at all... We just got back from Trader Joes' before her prospective nap time (because she's not really taking them!) and she we had a couple of spoons of honey because DD would NOT let go of that honey bear all the way home! It's not raw. It's the regular stuff.


Guess what? She slept 2 hours today. Wow. This is crazy!!!

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