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Weight loss..

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I'm very eager to lose the baby weight plus a little extra. I gain 20 right before getting pregnant 60 during the pregnancy and lost 40 in the first week but in the past few weeks I've gained 5 of that back :/
I'd love to take walks with the boys but i hate the heat and the boys get hot very easily. And I don't have much time to do anything other than take care of the boys.. any tips on exercising while including them?
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Inside walks? Don't know if you have an indoor place to walk-a track or most easy and free the Mall. Stinks in one way but indoor cool and lots to walk. I have older ones who can play with baby while I do a video workout (20min ones) Good luck!
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I don't even get into exercising for real until they are about 3m or so... I kind of do a little tiny bit when I can before then. Sorry, I'm not a lot of help, but I always figure, a year on, a year off... I don't have unrealistic expectations for myself b/c it DID take 9m to get that baby weight on...
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