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White Female In Search of Labor. Healthy baby, healthy mother required. Prefer quick and pleasant experience for both mom & baby with immediate family in attendance. Call 1-800-MY-LABOR.
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love it!
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s I hope its soon for you mama!!!
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So, do you think we should run this ad in our local classifieds? I think it might be a good idea. It might just bring it on!

MamaTerra So so so much love for you, mama.
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I hear that! I'm 40 weeks today and I've been having pre-labor all week! Labor vibes to you (and some for me)!
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I might run it just for fun at this point, then clip it and save it for the little one!

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I need to advertise for this myself!
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I dunno about posting in the newspaper, who know who would respond

That is too funny! I'm a WF ISO labor too...
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To funny, this reminded me of my girlfriend who wrote up an eviction notice for her LO when she was a week overdue, baby made her entrance later that night!
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love it!!!
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: Oh I just love you, Claire!! You make me laugh so often! I love to read everything you write!!!

(BTW - I SO would run that somewhere if I thought it would work!!!! )
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Man, tell me about it. I know I'm only 39 weeks, (completed today, yay!), but suddenly it's hard to eat, hard to walk (I made it this far feeling "relatively comfortable" overall, or at least managing most of the time--especially after a massage on Father's Day fixed some of my pain problems) and hard to wait on my twins. The pressure to induce doesn't help, nor does the knowledge that one week from today (my EDD) some kind of ticking time bomb goes off as far as my OB is concerned.

Please come, babies. ISO spontaneous labor.
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where do you come up with this stuff! You're a riot.
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